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Linebacker Donnie Spragan - 8/4

Linebacker Donnie Spragan

AM Practice – August 4, 2008


On being at camp today and today's practice:

I've got a lot of work ahead of me, so I've got to put the time in.


On getting this opportunity now:

I was hoping sooner. But you never know with the NFL sometimes, you don't know exactly what's going to happen. But I'm happy to be here, I'm excited and looking forward to playing football.


On how his experience in the NFL and the AFC East will help him:

A whole lot. You know the personnel, the coordinators, you kind of know the offense, so it's going to help a little, but like right now I've got to spend my time learning the Buffalo Bills defense.


On a player with his experience being without a job this far into training camp:

That's football. The majority of the NFL players, you kind of go through things similar to that, so it wasn't that surprising. It was unfortunate because I wanted to get in and learn defense, and play football, but that's how it happens some times, so it's no big deal.


On how many visits he made to other teams:

I don't know. Not that many. I think I made a couple, maybe three.


On where he was and what he was doing to stay in shape:

I was at home in Oakland, California, running.  You don't get the football work which is pretty tough, but you're running and trying to stay in shape lifting weights, doing those types of things. I'm still a professional so you've got to do what you've got to do. You know it's not ideal, but like I said that's the life.


On it being tough or unnerving when teams were at camp and he wasn't:

Not really. I'm old enough now where I don't really get too worried about those things. You can't control it so there's no point in stressing out about it. I know I can play football, and at some point I was confident that I'd get an opportunity to play.


On what he thinks about the Bills system and if he can help out:

I'm excited and I'm looking forward to it, and like I said I have a lot of learning to do and a lot of getting used to a lot of things around here. But I'm excited and I think I can help.


On if it looks familiar to things he's seen around the league:

Some what. I mean football is football, and defense and defense with different schemes. But like I said I've been around long enough to kind of do a little bit of everything, so I'm familiar with it.


On if he was on his way to New England before coming here:

Yeah, something like that, I don't really remember.

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