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Linebacker Kawika Mitchell - 8/7

Linebacker Kawika Mitchell
AM Walk-Thru – August 7, 2008
On Brett Favre having difficulty making the change in offenses:
He has been in that system for obviously his whole career but he is an extremely smart guy and I don't think he will have a problem.
On having Favre and Brady for two games now:
It's just like last year I played them both twice so it will be interesting, but it is good for our conference and our division so we will see how it works out.
On what Favre brings to Jets:
A lot of experience and he is an extremely smart guy and he is still really good so it's a great move for them I think.
On what he remembers about playing him in the NFC championship last season:
I remember it being a tough day and it being extremely cold. They were still throwing the ball and doing everything that they normally did so he was just like every time I have seen him play, he is extremely good.
On Favre only being one player and making that big of a difference:
He is a quarterback, if you get a quarterback with that much experience I think it is just going to benefit the team overall. It is one of the most important positions on the team.

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