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Linebacker Paul Posluszny - 8/1


PM Practice – August 1, 2008


On Alvin Bowen going down in practice

It's a tough situation. Hopefully he's going to be all right. We don't know the extent of it but we hope he's going to be okay. If not, someone else is going to have to step up but that's anytime a guy gets injured, it's tough.


On how Bowen has been progressing since camp started

He's been doing great. He's a hard worker, he listens to everything the coaches say and he just wants to do his part and help this team out. And I think he'll still have the opportunity to do that.


On how grueling of a week it has been having practiced in pads with a lot of contact

There is but that's a good thing. We've been practicing hard but we definitely take care of each other. And compared to some other places, I know we don't have two-a-days every day or anything like that so coach takes care of us. We practice hard when we're out here but we definitely look out for each other as well.


On contact and injuries occurring in practice

It's part of the deal I guess. Injuries are part of the game and hopefully he's okay. We don't know the extent of it but with the game like this, the movement and the contact things happen.

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