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Losman answers the bell

In the offseason his offensive coordinator felt he wasn't 100 percent into the game mentally. Even early in camp his approach to the game lacked a sense of urgency. That all changed last Tuesday night when a thigh contusion on a routine play in practice sidelined Trent Edwards and thrust J.P. Losman into the starting lineup. Judging by the results of Sunday night's game at Indianapolis, it may have been just the wake up call that Losman needed.

"That's what happens when you're a back up you never know," said Turk Schonert. "All of a sudden your mind's elsewhere and bang, just like that you're in a game. So that's why you've got to be focused on every play and concentrating on what you're doing, and be ready. You just never know and that's why you need to be prepared."

On Sunday night Losman was prepared going 13-19 passing for 108 yards as he lead Buffalo's starting offense on two scoring drives, one which took 10 minutes off the game clock.

"I thought he did a terrific job," said Dick Jauron. "He threw it well, handled the information, we got in and out (of the huddle). He did a nice job moving us."

"I just took what they would give me. I wasn't really looking for one guy in particular," said Losman.

That patient approach paid off with points on 13 and 18-play drives that staked Buffalo to a 10-point lead early, and gave the coaching staff reassurance that the offense will be in capable hands should something happen to Edwards.

"It's always good because he hasn't played a lot with that first group so I'd have to say yes I do feel better, but I didn't have any doubts," said Jauron.

Though Losman seems to have a better grasp of just how quickly he can be in a game in the wake of Edwards' injury, by no means is the former first-round pick ready to accept where he sits on the depth chart.

"The role, I don't know how to explain it yet," said Losman of his backup status. "I'm always going to be wanting to get in there. I'm not used to this role. I don't want to get used to this role. The toughest part is preparing myself that if something does happen I do have to be able to come out on the field and perform like I did (Sunday). That's going to be my biggest challenge. I've just got to be ready week in and week out."

But based on how things unfolded Sunday night Jauron feels good about the quarterback he'll have in reserve.

"I've always really liked J.P.," said Jauron. "I like his attitude and his toughness. He's a competitive guy and in terms of the situation he wants to play and he wants to start. You've got to like that in your football players so I'm pretty happy with how it went."

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