Lynch has plan for three week layoff

Marshawn Lynch has gone on record saying that not playing will be particularly difficult for him during the first three weeks of the regular season this fall. There are few that like suiting up on Sunday and competing more than the Bills hard-running feature back.

Prohibited from playing and practicing from Sept. 5 to Sept. 28, Lynch already has a plan in place for how he intends to stay sharp while he's away from the team.

"It doesn't stop for me," said Lynch. "I'm just not going to be able to participate with the guys out there but as far as working out, it still continues for me."

Lynch will continue with his weight room routines to maintain the extra muscle he's packed onto his frame this offseason, and has some running back specific drills that he will put into action on his own.

"A lot of it will be runs, set up cones down the field and making moves on them, individual work, running, lifting, continuing to do the same things just probably not too many team periods," said Lynch.

But the Bills top back is going to stay in his playbook during his league imposed down time so he remains sharp with his assignments when he returns.

With almost three weeks to go before he's forced to sit for three games, Lynch has not begun the process of getting accustomed to watching his team play without him. But he plans to have himself in the proper frame of mind for his forthcoming absence from the team.

"I have some time to get mentally prepared for it and playing in these preseason games, I'll get on the field," he said. "I don't think too much of it will be tough."

When asked if the silver lining of his three-game absence could be fresher legs come the end of the regular season, Lynch gave a shrug.

"Well as hard as I run, I don't know if they'll be fresh legs," said Lynch. "But they'll be pretty ready."

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