Lynch In Attendance At OTAs

Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is in attendance at Tuesday's OTA workout with his Bills teammates. No word on whether Lynch will comment on his vehicle which was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident over the weekend in downtown Buffalo.

Buffalo Police are continuing their investigation. There is no word as to whether or not Lynch was driving the vehicle when the incident occurred.

Lynch's attorney Michael Caffery issued a prepared statement at the close of practice today. It read as follows.

As you are aware, I represent Marshawn T. Lynch. The Buffalo Police Department is still investigating this matter. At the present time, I decline to make any comment on behalf of my client. I have also instructed my client not to make any comment.

Lynch did not speak to reporters at the close of practice. Teammate Trent Edwards when asked about Lynch's focus during practice today in light of the recent events said the Bills running back was performing as he always does on the field.

"Marshawn is always going to be light on his feet and always have a good time out there," said Edwards. "That's why it's enjoyable to play with a guy like that. It's always fun to have a guy that when you put the football down he's going to play hard."

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