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Lynch speaks for first time this season

It certainly could not have been easy for Marshawn Lynch to address the media not knowing what was coming after a trying offseason, but Buffalo's featured back addressed everything but said offseason after practice Friday in delivering his first comments since this past spring. Facing his hometown Raiders has him fired up for Sunday.

"It's special," said Lynch. "It's my first time against my home team. I've been waiting for it. I've got some family coming in, my mom, grandmother, some cousins, so that should be cool."

Lynch, who admits he was a Raiders fan growing up in Oakland, listed Jeff Hostetler and Napolean Kaufman as his favorite Raiders. Kaufman still holds the franchise mark for most rushing yards in a game with 227.

Lynch thinks at least some of his family members in attendance Sunday will be splitting their allegiances.

"If they're true Raider fans they should be rooting for the Raiders, but they'll be rooting for Marshawn too so it's all good," he said.

As for the Bills 2-0 start and goals for his second NFL campaign Lynch's aspirations are team oriented.

"Playoffs and to win," said Lynch succinctly.

However, the Bills top rusher doesn't deny that being featured more in the passing game in Turk Schonert's scheme appeals to him.

"Last year I thought I would be involved in the passing game more than I was. I didn't get too many touches, but it was good having my fair share," he said. "But just with the offense we've got going on now with me and Fred coming out of the backfield a little more and lining up at receiver. I think that's something that'll be good for us."

As a team the Bills are averaging 3.3 yards per carry through the first two games. Lynch is averaging 3.6, which is still not satisfactory to him. But since it's only been two games Lynch is confident the ground game will round into form.

"There are still some rushing yards to be had for both me and Fred," said Lynch.

As for making the adjustment to operating with a true fullback leading him through the hole at times in Darian Barnes, it's old hat. Lynch ran with a fullback in his college days at Cal.

"With Darian it's like having another offensive lineman in front of you that can run," Lynch said. "He's never scared to run into anybody full speed, head first. It's always good to have somebody like that on your team and then to have him in front of you when you're carrying the ball is a plus."

With his playing weight identical to that of last season at 215 pounds, Lynch hopes the team's 2-0 start is a sign of better things to come for the Bills in 2008. But he knows it's up to him and his teammates to follow through on a fast start.

"We could be as good as we play on Sundays and right now we're playing good," said Lynch. "We're just going to continue to keep it up."

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