Mario Williams: Bills need to "make a stand"


DE Mario Williams**

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Q: How do you get ready for these Thursday games?

A: It is a short week, but I think the biggest thing is getting the mental preparation. Being on your P's and Q's and going out there to execute.

Q: You guys mix it up a lot on your line, just in terms of your linemen, are you looking forward to the challenge of going up against OT Jake Long?

A: Yeah definitely. Every week is another great opponent and this week we have him. Not just myself, but everybody. Be ready, like I said, mentally because it is a short week. Get your rest and be ready to go out there for the challenge.

Q: Do you think people were wrong to buy into the high expectations before the season began?

A: No. We still have a lot of football left. We are definitely still anxious to get out there on the field. The biggest thing for us is to go out there and make a stand.

Q: It has to start…

A: Definitely has to start. I think the biggest thing, obviously like I said, we have seven games but if you do not start it sooner than later then we are basically just spinning our wheels.

Q: You understand the impatience that people have?

A: There is nobody that I think feels it more than we do.

Q: I do not think anybody expected the Bills to be at 3-6. You look at the 4-5 Dolphins and they were supposed to be essentially cast-offs here.

A: What has happened in the past happened. If we sit here as a team harping on that and not focusing on trying to win a game and not keeping our morale high then we are not going to get any better. I think the biggest thing for us is be confident, focused and like I said go out there and make it happen. That is the biggest thing. You sit here and dwell on everything else, we are going to be sitting right where we are.

Q: How do you keep morale high?

A:Every game is a new game. The past is the past whether or not we won all the games we have played so far, we can go out and lose the next seven. It is always a new game. You have to have a short memory in terms of you cannot let it drag onto the next week or we are just going to sit in the same spot.

Just as if we were a winning team. You mess around and say 'We have been winning this whole time.' Then you end up losing every game that you have left. It is the same thing. You have to take every game as a new game and a new hope.

Q: Do you think against a rookie quarterback about mixing up some things and disguising some things to really get to him?

A: Yeah, but at the end of the day watching film he gets the ball out quick. I think they are going to protect him by being able to get safe sure routes to get the ball out of his hands so he is not getting hit and he does not have to make the first, second and third read, I think is the biggest thing. I think a key for us this week is definitely getting batted passes. That is going to be just as big as getting a sack. He is getting the ball out pretty quick.

Q: Is the penalty situation just concentration? The first half really hurt you guys against New England

A: It did. I think some of the penalties could have been either way. There were some penalties that maybe should have been called that were not called. At the end of the day it is just part of the game. If it is said to be a penalty whether or not it was an obvious one or just something that could have been nitpicking, it is what it is. The refs make the call. That is what they get paid for. We have to play with it. No matter what it is, we cannot just give them a reason to make calls. I think that was the biggest thing that hurt us this past week.

Q: How strange has the schedule been? Does it seem like forever since you guys have been home? A: It does, but it is also going by extremely fast. It is almost Thanksgiving now. We have been gone, but honestly it almost feels like it has just been a blur with everything that has been happening and as quick as these games have been going by. I think we have a stretch here that we will be home mostly. We will see what is going on.

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