Mario Williams: "Everybody is going to be hungry"


DE Mario Williams**

Wednesday December 5, 2012

Q: The run defense has been decidedly better as of late. How much has that helped generate pass rush opportunities?

A: Number one thing you have to do in this league is stop the run and then get after the pass. The biggest thing for us is being able to do that here lately and keep it going.

Q: Looks like Jacksonville was chipping you guys a lot, maybe more than some other teams of late. Would you agree with that? And are you expecting more of that now?

A: Yeah. I think that was part of their scheme coming into the game. Definitely it throws you off, but you have to find ways to counter it. That is something we look heavily into doing, just putting us into positions to be able to deal with that and make plays especially when both sides are getting chipped. Somehow, someway.

Q: When you guys have had the success that you have had of late, is it natural to expect more max protect from opponents?

A: I would not say that because a lot of teams live and die by certain things. If holding people in is not one of those things then that is going to hinder them in general. Some teams do it, some teams do not—it all depends on the personnel of the team.

Q: What are the challenges of facing a team that is in almost the same predicament you are? Similar records and playoff chances at this point.

A: To me, I do not look at the challenge as far as two teams having similar records. Like I said before, it does not matter if you are zero-and-whatever or you are undefeated. Everybody is going to be hungry. You have to go out there and play ball. Put that on the line and make it happen.

Q: When you face a team like them that will be in a must-win situation, do you see anything more coming from them as far as doing everything they have to?

A: I think if you do not do that as a given on Sunday you should not be playing ball. Like I said, it goes back to that it does not matter about must wins or whatever. You play the game on Sunday to win. You should bring everything out in the first place.

Q: You talked about last week being the first time you got to play in wet, snowy conditions. Have you noticed an adjustment to that weather as opposed to when you were in Houston?

A: I do not care about snow or 100-degree weather. When you have to go out there and play, you have to go out there and play. I said that before when I first got here. I could care less if it is negative-10. It does not matter to me. Coming from Houston, I played in some pretty cold games with other teams so it does not matter. When you are out there, your adrenaline is pumping and it is one of those things that does not really factor into me.

Q: You do not think that there was maybe an advantage last week to you guys being accustomed to these conditions? A: Well I am not (Laughs). So there you go. There is your answer. I think it all depends on the person. It goes person to person.

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