Marquise Goodwin: "I just ran for my life"


Wide Receiver Marquise Goodwin**

Can you take us through your return, how it opened up for you?

"First of all, I just want to start off by giving all honors to God, just thankful for the opportunity. Give all the credit to the guys that were blocking for me, really. It made my job a lot easier. I got the easiest job on the field, just to catch it and to run fast, and do what I do best. They blocked it really well. Following behind Frank Summers, he took the end out and I just cut off his block and cut up the field, cut across the field and just ran for my life."

In that split second you're seven yards deep in the end zone, was there a thought of "I'm not bringing this out." What's your thought process as the ball is coming down?

"Oh I'm bringing it out every time; that's what's in my mind. Until the off returner Frank (Summers) keeps me in, I'm going to bring it out every time. In my mind I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm going to take this one.'"

Did you think you had the first one too? Because someone clipped you from behind and we don't usually see that.

"It was a little different for me as well, but it was a good blocking scheme by the guys. They fall for me and I just ran, did the best I could and somebody kind of got my ankles at the end."

What was Coach Crossman's call on your 107 yards, was it a left return? Were you supposed to end up over there?

"No, it was actually a right middle return, kind of happened that way."

You seemed to slow down. What were you doing right there before you got to the end zone?

"I was just running and just, my coach calls it a pro glide and I pro glid, I don't know what's the correct term for that, all the way through the end zone. I really didn't have any creative thoughts in my head to doing a thing in the end zone, so I just jogged off the field."

Could you have asked for much more from a personal standpoint, in terms of what you were able to do for your team today?

"As you stated, dream come true. God really blessed me. You know, a lot of people say that I wouldn't be up here today, let alone in here, being interviewed for running a kick-return for my first preseason NFL game. It's just wonderful what He can do for you. To all the people who said I wouldn't, I appreciate it because without them saying that I couldn't, I feel like I wouldn't have the same drive to prove people wrong."

Speak to the rookies as a group in terms of what you guys were able to put out there on the field today.

"I told the guys before leaving the field, as a unit, we did really well. We got a lot of things that we can work on, but the rookie class, we came in and we did what we were supposed to do. We did our job and as well as the vets. Everybody did their job and they made the Buffalo Bills organization look good out there."

How much of a lift is it when EJ Manuel can go 9-for-9 on a two-minute drive?

"Words can't even explain it really. He's a great guy, a great quarterback, as well as all the other quarterbacks. We practice that day in and day out, if you've seen and they're prepared for it. They've prepared for it all week and by game time, it's a lot easier. I commend him just for handling the situations well today and for being the starting quarterback, and him being a rookie, it's a lot of weight on his shoulders. I was glad to see that he did well today."

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