Marshawn Lynch - After PM Practice


After Night Practice – JULY 31, 2007


On the fan support

It's like a dream come true. To hear the kids screaming your name that's what it's for though. I appreciate it a lot to see the support that we get out here.


On practice tonight

It was a good practice tonight. I got a lot of mental reps. I got to get in there and got to mix it up a little bit with the older guys. It's been great.


On getting contact at practice

It's always great to get some contact after being away from it for so long.


On the progression of the defense

That's a part of blitz pick up. It's key but I felt that at today's practice I was prepared for it. That's why I was able to get out there on the edge and pick those guys up.


On whether or not he feels like an NFL star after tonight

My first feeling of being an NFL star is when I got welcomed in OTAs when (Angelo) Crowell gave me a welcome to NFL.


On getting hit by Aaron Schobel at practice tonight

Yeah, he came in there with that fore arm. It's always good though. He has some metal in his arms.


On seeing people wearing his jersey

The support is a great feeling.

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