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McGee could be back in lineup

For Terrence McGee it's been longer than he anticipated. A knee scope to repair a torn meniscus during the bye week was expected to allow him to get back on the field relatively soon. He didn't think he'd miss three games, but McGee has a good chance to return to action Thursday night in Toronto.

"He's still day to day," said interim head coach Perry Fewell. "It's a comfort level for him and we're just going to evaluate it and it may be a game time decision."

McGee was also a game time decision last week, but ultimately landed on the inactive list as his knee still wasn't quite ready. The Bills top cornerback is hopeful the results are different this week.

"I felt good," said McGee following the team's Tuesday practice. "I still think for the trainers it's still day to day as far as what decision they're going to make with respect to the game. But I practiced on it for what little we did it felt good."

Fewell scaled back the length and intensity of practice in what is a short week with players still sore coming off of last Sunday's game. McGee's body however is free of the soreness his teammates are experiencing.

What has McGee concerned is his game shape having not played in a game in a month.

"As far as my body being beat up like some of these guys that have been going out there every Sunday, I don't have that to deal with that, but as far as fresh legs, their legs are probably fresher than mine," said McGee. "I haven't been out there in a while. I might go out there and after two plays I might be winded. So as far as game shape I know I'm not there yet, but as far as taking that beating I am fresher."

McGee has been doing what he can to maintain his fitness level, but duplicating the physical demands of a game is difficult.

"I've been on the stairmaster and doing other conditioning, but it's hard to simulate the game and the atmosphere," said McGee. "No matter how hard you train it's still nothing like that game. You just have to get out there and get used to it again."

His teammates certainly wouldn't mind seeing him back out on the field. Buffalo's cornerback contingent has been playing shorthanded the past few weeks with both McGee and Ashton Youboty on the shelf with injuries. Safety Donte Whitner has been plugged in as the team's nickel cornerback for large stretches of the last two games.

The Bills number one corner is eager to return to action, but understands the ultimate decision lies with the training staff.

"I know throughout my years here they definitely don't want anyone to come back too early," McGee said. "The training staff has been doing a great job and they don't want to send me out there on one leg. But I moved around well and felt good moving around. Whatever they decide, we'll see."

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