Mickey Loomis on Doug Marrone


New Orleans Saints Executive Vice President/GM Mickey Loomis:

"I think the Buffalo Bills made a great hire. I think from the time that Sean first hired Doug Marrone, as our offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, it was pretty clear that he was destined to be a head coach. We were proud of the fact that people quickly noticed the tremendous job he did as part of our coaching staff and identified him as a capable head coaching candidate. He proved that in a relatively short amount of time at Syracuse. He has all the requisite skills. I don't expect anything but great results in Buffalo."

"Above and beyond all else, he and his wife, Helen, are top quality people. Doug will unite the building. There is not going to be any division within any building that he's working in. I have a lot of respect for Russ Brandon and know that he and Doug will work well together leading the Bills. They will work in harmony to build a program that everyone will be proud to be associated with."

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