Monday Update: Spiller, Dareus, Kelsay

RB C.J. Spiller

Monday, October 15, 2012

On how quickly things turned around for the Bills:

It does. That is why you have to play the game each and every week. That is what we do. We did not get carried away with what our record was. Of course we would want to play better in the two games we lost, but the good thing about this team is we kept believing in each and every man in this locker room. We were able to put those losses behind us and prepare for the next opponent. We will do the same thing with this win. It was a great team win. Especially getting one on the road, but now we have to put our focus on the (Tennessee) Titans.

On splitting carries with RB Fred Jackson:

It was the same rotation that we had in San Francisco. The first game that Fred came back, we tried to do a one series rotation. Fred and I both thought that was tough. The good thing about our coaching staff and our running backs coach is he leaves that up to us. I went to Fred and I told him 'let's do two series.' It is kind of hard when you are out there for one series, you get into a flow and you come out. We thought it would be best if we did two series so that is what we have done these last two games. We will continue to do that. If they want us in on certain plays, the coaching staff will do that but as far as me and Fred are concerned, we think two to three series each is better because it kind of keeps everybody fresh. I am always keeping an eye on him and making sure that he is good. Yesterday when I had the big run going towards the end zone, I came out and let Fred go in. He was able to punch it in. It is all about just keeping an eye on each other. I thought I was in a good groove yesterday.

We know that there is only one football. You are not going to get as many (touches) as you want. Would you want to? Yeah. But at the end of the day, you are not because there is only one and we have a lot of playmakers on this team. It is a good thing to have. I am glad that we have that problem.

On if it has helped him getting two series in a row:

It has because when you go one series and if you get a good little running game going, something happens, you go three-and-out and then you are out the next series. Now, we have the two series so you can kind of get a flow. That is something the coaching staff leaves up to me and Fred. I was able to set my pride aside and do what is best for me and him. I think it is best. At the same time, we do not want to give teams an indication of what we are doing on certain plays. We just look out for each other.

DT Marcell Dareus

Monday, October 15, 2012

On how the win felt:

It felt good. We just got done watching film. It feels good. Watch film, got a win and we all played hard. That is the biggest thing we look for.

On if it is fun to watch the defensive line cause havoc on tape:

Well, like last week I was telling everybody that we are working towards being a better team. Working hard and finishing the game strong; just finishing the game for the most part. You have to play hard. We did it for a complete game. You have to just keep doing that and keep working towards that.

On being tied for first place with a home game coming up:

Any given Sunday. No team is expected to beat another team when you go into a game. It is just how it is.

On what was different about the defense yesterday than in previous games:

Just finishing through, hustling to the ball for the whole game. Not half a game. A full four quarter game and putting it together.

DE Chris Kelsay

Monday, October 15, 2012

On how to build off the defensive line's success against Arizona:

I think you have to just kind of look back and notice the hard work that we put in during the week of preparation and make sure that there is no letdown there. And continue to prepare hard, even harder than we did the week before. We come into this week feeling good about the win and the heart that we had to fight the ups and the downs throughout the game. Just like a loss you have to put it behind you. Obviously a better taste in our mouths right now and we want to keep it that way.

On why the defensive line as better:

It is tough to say. (The coaches) really gave us the freedom this game to just line up and play. We had a really simple game plan. We knew what we had to do. We had to play fast. We had to get off blocks, maintain our gap integrity and just count on the guy next to us. We put it all together for four and a half quarters. It showed at the end of the game. To have that confidence in one another and to come out of the game with a win, it is a huge confidence builder. We want to be 4-3 going into the bye.

On the team bringing back DE Shawne Merriman: Shawne (Merriman) stopped in and sat in on the last part of our meeting. It is good to have him back. It is always nice when you can bring a guy back that is acquainted and comfortable with the scheme and the system that we are in, obviously depth and keeping guys fresh. A guy that is a veteran who knows how to go about his business, he knows what is expected and he is going to come right in and pick up right where he left off.

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