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MRI for Whitner; Reed to have back examined

Two valuable veterans from both sides of the ball were watching Bills practice at St. John Fisher as their teammates got back to the grind of training camp Monday afternoon. Strong safety Donte Whitner and wide receiver Josh Reed were both spectators as they're suffering from ailments their head coach hopes are not more serious.

"(Donte's) got a little ankle injury and we want to make sure, so we'll examine him," said Jauron.

Whitner presumably suffered the injury during Saturday's practice prior to the team's day off Sunday. With almost 48 hours of rest and the ankle still not fit to practice on, the Bills training staff is taking every precaution for one of the team's defensive leaders.

"We already examined it one way and I think (head athletic trainer) Bud (Carpenter) wants to get an MRI just to make sure and then we'll take care of whatever that is and hopefully it will pass very quickly," said Jauron.

Reed's situation involves his lower back, and the problem likely just cropped up today as team doctors had yet to examine him.

"The doctors are going to look at him here after practice so they'll know more about that too," said Jauron. "Right now Bud (Carpenter) doesn't feel that it's real serious, but he wants to make sure the doctors take a long look at it."

The reason why is Reed is coming off of offseason back surgery. He participated fully in the spring OTAs and minicamp as he made a full recovery. But it is his second such surgery and after getting more reps than usual in practice the past few days with James Hardy and Steve Johnson down with injuries, the extra work may have had a cumulative effect.

"We want to make sure that we're pretty cautious right now," Jauron said.

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