Offensive Lineman Derrick Dockery

Bills Guard Derrick Dockery

On the key to the offense finding their strideI would say it's all 11 guys.  On offense it takes all 11 of us to get things going.  You need your quarterback, you need your five offensive linemen, you need your tight end, your running back, your wide receiver all to be executing at the same time and I think we finally put a complete game together this past Sunday.  On the rotation of quarterback not being a problem for the offensive line

Our main job is just to block and just get the job done.  It doesn't matter who the quarterback, running back or receivers are.  I've always believed that if we win the battle up front we have a great chance of winning the game. On how the offensive line likes playing with Marshawn Lynch

We love having him back there.  He's a talented back and he has a lot of gifts.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield and can run the ball.  I remember when we played Denver and it was fourth and one.  He just showed his determination, his intensity, his emotion and his love for the game.  I love to have a running back like that.  On Lynch's ability to throw the ball as well

That's an extra.  Any time you have a running back that can do it all it's great. On Lynch's touchdown run versus the Bengals

Anytime you have a great back they are going to make plays like that.  You need an offensive line but every now and then he'll make a run like that and it'll make you say wow.  That's not going to be his last one.  There are going to be many more to come.  On Lynch's ability to break tackles

I love it.  Usually as an offensive line you just want to get your running back to the second level.  As he gets to the second level, once he gets to those safeties, that's his job to make those guys miss.  Once he makes those guys miss he has a big run.  On Lynch getting over 100 yards for the first time

It's a great feeling.  As an offensive linemen you take pride in getting your running backs over 100 yards.  Our goal is to get him to 1,000 and over.  He's headed there and we just have to go out there every day and every week and play hard.  I believe we have a great group of guys in the locker room that love this game and have great character and enthusiasm and we'll be okay.  On the idea of "Beast Mode"

I guess it's great.  You love to have those guys with that tenacity and passion.  Guys that go out and love the game.  Guys like Ray Lewis and Tom Brady.  If he continues to grow he can be one of the best to play I believe.  On Miami's defensive line

They are a veteran led defense.  You look at Joey Porter, Zach Thomas, Keith Traylor.  They have some young guys in there.  This is what I love about the NFL.  It doesn't matter if you have no wins.  It doesn't matter if you are five and five or if you are undefeated.  If you don't come prepared, if you don't come ready to play, if you don't execute on that day you will get beat.  On a fear of facing a zero and eight team

I don't think so.  I just think you go out there and play the game.  It doesn't matter if you are zero and eight, you go out there to win.  They go out to win every week.  Unfortunately, they haven't won a game but they come out and play hard every week.  We just have to go out there and execute.  The team that executes the best will win on Sunday.  On the change in perception of this team

We'll let other people say that but we don't see it that way.  We still have a lot of work to do.  We are still aggressive and we'll just continue to work hard every day.  I believe our leadership will not allow us to look forward but to stay humble and stay hungry.  If we just have that attitude we'll be pretty good. 

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