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Offensive lineman Derrick Dockery - Postgame

Bills guard Derrick Dockery

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On whether the team can regroup for next week

With the great group of guys in this locker room we're going to regroup and fight. We're going to look at what we didn't do so well and correct those mistakes and try to get better.


On how the offense responds when defense doesn't stop them at all

As an offense we have to find a way to score points. You have to find a way to get points on the board when you're playing against a high power offense.


On trying to building momentum

No it's a team game. Sometimes we might not play as well and the defense has to pick us up and sometimes the other way around. Offensively we didn't pick the defense up today.


On whether the Patriots can be beaten

Anybody can be beaten! You just have to play your best game.



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