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Offensive Lineman Langston Walker - 7/30

Offensive Lineman Langston Walker

PM Practice – July 30, 2008


On playing left tackle today

It reminded me of when I was younger and about one hundred pounds lighter. It was good. It was a learning process and this is what we are going to need depending on what goes on with Jason's [Peters] situation.


On the differences of playing right and left tackle

Your footwork is different, obviously the plays are different. Not all the plays are just reversed. Sometimes we run things certain ways and don't do them the other way. I had [Derrick] Dockery helping me out, but footwork is the biggest thing. And then the guys that you go against [are different]. I am used to going against [Chris] Kelsay. He is an up-the-field, strong, heavy-handed guy and you have to anchor him. Now going to the left side you are going against guys who are a little shiftier and that presents its own problems and advantages also at the same time because if you get your hands on them, they are pretty much done.


On having an inkling that he could switch over to the left side

I was hinted that it would happen, but you don't know until it happens. Until today, I didn't focus on it until they asked me to do it.


On the switch being an experiment or more long term

You guys will find out before I do. I don't know. Tomorrow, if I am out there I am out there.


On how he thinks he did at left tackle today

I thought I did pretty well. I had mistakes but nobody is perfect. I am sure you guys have made mistakes, grammatical errors and all that kind of stuff. All in all I think I did a pretty good job. I am not that "blow your own horn" type of guy so you will have to ask coach or something like that.


On if he prefers playing right tackle and if he is hoping Jason Peters returns soon

I am not even going to step into his situation. It's his situation and that is between himself, his agent and our management.


On how hard it will be for Jason if he returns

He is going to have his learning days just like we all did but he is the type of player that you don't have to worry about. He is gong to step right in and it is going to be like old times.


On if a switch to the right side could change the chemistry of the line

I don't know. We will see how it works out.


On where he would like to see improvement in the line

Our paychecks. I think all of us need a pay raise. We are out there working and we are the best looking. I think we have a lot of stuff to improve on from last year. We have to learn the new offense. It's not new but there are new terms and we have to learn that. Like every year, things are different and we have to gel together and do our thing.


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