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OTA - Day 11 - Open QB competition to continue

All three of Buffalo's veteran quarterbacks have had their moments in the passing game during team work through the course of OTA practices this spring. A month into the practices however, it does not appear as though any one has established themselves as a clear front runner in the eyes of head coach Chan Gailey.

Gailey admits he has thoughts as to who his starter might be, but that it is far from a permanent thought.

"We form (ideas about) that every day and no, I can't share that because it may change in the next five days," Gailey said. "So I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions. I want them to work it out, not me to work it out. I want them to work it out by performance on the field."

The Bills head coach said there's a good chance that a starting quarterback will not be officially declared even on the first day of training camp, though he intends to have a defined depth chart at the position.

"By the time we get to training camp we'll have somebody that is going to work with the first group, somebody that's going to work with the second group going in just because if it happens that way then you've got a leg up," said Gailey. "If you try to get everybody equal shots from the first day of camp then you'll probably get nobody ready rather than getting three ready. So we'll probably make some determination from this, decide for a lack of a better term a pecking order for camp and then go from there. But it still will be open when we go to camp."

The quarterback rotation continues to be varied on a practice by practice basis between the top three signal callers. One day Trent Edwards is the first man through, the next it might be Brian Brohm and then on the following day it will be Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On Wednesday the rotation led off with Ryan Fitzpatrick in 7-on-7 with Brohm and Edwards followed by rookie Levi Brown. In 11-on-11 however, it was Edwards leading off with Fitzpatrick, Brohm and Brown to follow. Then for the final set of series during team work the order went Fitzpatrick, Edwards, Brohm and Fitzpatrick again.

RB UpdateWith Marshawn Lynch now two days into the voluntary practice schedule the running back rotation now has an added piece. On Wednesday Fred Jackson was the first to take reps in the team periods of 7-on-7 and 11-on-11, followed by top pick C.J. Spiller or Lynch.

With reps for all three scaled back in the practice setting due to numbers there is the question as to how all three will be utilized come the regular season and whether the work will be divided equally.

"We'll find out," said Jackson. "I think the three of us get along well enough where I don't think there's going to be any problems between us. The hard part is going to be for Chan (Gailey) to get us working. That's the tough part for him, but he's always been an offensive-minded guru, so I think he can get it done and we'll do whatever we can to make it work as well."

Gailey intends to find a way to make that happen, but despite all his coaching experience it is new ground for him to cover.

"I've never really been in this situation where we have three like this," said Gailey of his top running backs. "But I certainly am looking forward to seeing how it all pans out because I think you have a chance to give defenses some real problems with that many good running backs and football players."

Bell and Wood ahead of scheduleDemetrius Bell and Eric Wood are still rehabbing from their surgeries at the end of the 2009 campaign, but both are inching closer to participating in the practice setting. In fact Gailey believes Wood could return to the field before spring practices are over.

"Our training staff, I have to give Bud Carpenter and his group kudos because they have done a great job of getting those two guys to where they are today," said Gailey. "Eric, we've even talked about maybe letting him get on the field and do some things before we get out of the last minicamp. That's an amazing recuperation. And Demetrius is way ahead of schedule as well. Like I said earlier, you can never have enough good football players on a field."

Bell is still hopeful for a return at the start of training camp, but is lobbying team doctors to participate at least on a limited basis now.

"I try to get them, or ask them if I could do some drills, but they wouldn't let me on the field," said Bell. "It'll feel good to be on the field, but I have to wait until the doctor says so."

Roosevelt making playsNaaman Roosevelt had one of his better days in the passing game Wednesday. The rookie receiver and Buffalo native made a handful of receptions.

The U.B. product has been factoring into the offense a bit more of late as he's grown more comfortable with the offense now that he's a month invested into the system.

"I think it's going pretty good. I'm starting to get used to the offense now. It definitely feels good to be out here having fun and competing."

"I think it's going pretty good," Roosevelt said. "I'm starting to get used to the offense now. It definitely feels good to be out here having fun and competing. Being in the team setting and running routes with the quarterbacks in team is great for me. I just want to take the opportunity and make the best of it."

HighlightsAlong with Roosevelt's receptions Wednesday, there were a handful of other receivers in on the action.

Brian Brohm had a nice fade pass to the back corner of the end zone where James Hardy pulled it in for six before going out of bounds.

Trent Edwards hit Roscoe Parrish on this crossing route with the receiver going untouched as he accelerated up the far sideline for extra yardage.

In 11-on-11 Steve Johnson was wide open for a 20-yard gain on a throw from Edwards on the near side of the field.

Jonathan Stupar made an outstretched catch that was good for 15 yards on a pass from Levi Brown during 11-on-11.

And Brohm hit Felton Huggins on a good throw to the near side of the field for a 20-yard pickup.

Defensively, Ellis Lankster had a pass breakup in the end zone on a throw intended for Marcus Easley underneath the uprights.

Terrence McGee broke up a pass that was designed to go to Chad Jackson during 11-on-11 work.

Drayton Florence had an interception off a tipped pass that was supposed to go to Jonathan Stupar. It appeared as though Ashton Youboty was responsible for the deflection.

And Bryan Scott had a pass breakup over the middle just shy of the end zone in 11-on-11.

ScheduleThe Bills will conclude week 4 of OTAs on Thursday with a practice scheduled for 12:05 pm.

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