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OTA Notes: Lively arms

The offense continued to make strides in terms of consistent execution and part of it was due to some lively throwing arms. The ball looked to be coming out of the hands of Trent Edwards and Gibran Hamdan with good zip Wednesday. Hamdan got almost all of the second team reps with J.P. Losman not in attendance at the voluntary workout.

Edwards got the first 11-on-11 series rolling with some help from Marshawn Lynch. Lynch caught a quick slant from Edwards, which he took up field in a hurry. He also picked a good hole on an inside run play. Josh Reed and James Hardy also turned in receptions, but Lynch looked good catching passes.

Derek Schouman was again a factor in the passing game Wednesday. Currently running as the number one tight end with Robert Royal not participating (knee), Schouman had three catches during team work. Edwards hit him with his first attempt in 7-on-7, and found him again on a read that earned the quarterback praise from offensive coordinator Turk Schonert. Schouman also made a high reaching grab in the flat to make a play.

Roscoe Parrish, who was back at practice, was getting good separation during the workout. Parrish made two big plays deep over the middle as he was wide open on both. Edwards almost hooked up with him for what would've been a 60-yard plus touchdown as he got behind the corner and the safety on a fly pattern, but the pass was just out of his reach.

Dwayne Wright got some good second team reps as Fred Jackson was given a reduced workload. Rookies Xavier Omon and Bruce Hall also got some snaps as a result. Fellow rookie Steve Johnson made one of the more difficult catches as he pulled in a pass at his shoetops without breaking stride during individual position work.

"Things are moving fast and the playbook is very deep, but I feel I'm catching on," said Johnson. "Every rookie is going to have some trouble, I'm not going to lie. It's just the terminology is different."

The offensive line created a few good holes for the backs to get through as Lynch, Jackson and Dwayne Wright all had what would have been very successful run plays.

Defensive notes
Defensive end Copeland Bryan had his motor running hot at the start of practice as he was effectively getting up field and creating pressure. On one of those rushes he forced a hurried throw that fell incomplete. He also had a 'would be' sack later in practice.

John McCargo was credited with a batted pass, while Kyle Williams got good penetration during 11-on-11 to flush Edwards out of the pocket and force an incompletion. Williams is getting more opportunities to penetrate this year lining up next to Marcus Stroud of late with the first unit.

"It's refreshing to be able to get out, stretch your legs a little and get a little bit more space and be able to move a little bit," said Williams. "It is good, it's exciting and I'm just excited about the year."

Ko Simpson made his third interception of OTAs as he pulled in a pass that was slightly over Josh Reed's head deep over the middle.

McKelvin steps out early
Citing tight hamstrings, Leodis McKelvin was pulled out of practice early as the team does not like to push players, particularly this time of year. As a result Reggie Corner got some second team reps at the left cornerback position typically manned by McKelvin as did Ashton Youboty. The trickle down effect then allowed Kennard Cox to get more reps with the third unit.

Also not participating Wednesday were Melvin Fowler, Spencer Johnson and Robert Royal.

The players are back on the field Thursday morning at 10:30.

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