Owens open to re-signing with Bills in 2010

In the last few days Terrell Owens has shed some light on his playing future indicating he'd like to play at least two more seasons before calling it a career. Also fully aware of his free agent status he's keeping all of his options open and that includes a return to the Bills in 2010.

"Of course," said Owens when asked if he's open to returning. "I'm not going to limit myself and discount any type of situation. I know I can play it's all about the opportunities and the right system. I can flourish anywhere."

Owens seems to view the Bills as the victim of circumstance in 2009, which is why he's not as discouraged by what has transpired this season as some might think.

"It can work anywhere," he said. "If you really assess what has happened throughout the course of the season, number one we're young on the offensive line and you add in all the injuries that we've had, we've had guys that have been courageous on the front line that have played out of position every week. Every week we've had a different offensive line. Given that I feel if we had a good front line I feel our record would be definitely different."

Obviously a lot would have to change for Owens to be convinced that Buffalo's offense can dramatically improve and consistently put him in a position to be productive every week. But there's a strong likelihood that several changes will occurcome season's end followingthe termination of now former head coach Dick Jauron last month.

"I think the thing for me is as long as I can produce in the right system and if I can go to a team where it works for me, then I feel like I can succeed and be productive," he said. "It's no coincidence as (Ryan) Fitz(patrick) has been in the offense that I've been getting involved and he's kind of been dropping back and looking downfield and he's seen on the film where I have been open and we've taken full advantage of that."

Of course Owens has been in the league long enough to realize that if a new coaching staff is brought in a lot of preferences concerning personnel could be different too.

"It is hard to tell, so you never know what can happen," Owens said. "Going into the offseason nobody knew that I would be here at the end of last season. So look where I am? You never know what can happen. Whoever the head coach is they may come in and just clean house."

With a quarter of the season left beginning with Kansas City on Sunday, Owens prefers to focus his attention on the games that remain. After that he knows there will be a lot of choices to be made, some of which won't be in his control.

"It's too early to even think about that or consider that," said Owens. "At the end of the season we have to see how things shape up and when that time comes that's when you make those tough decisions. Whatever the case may be I'm prepared for it.

"Buffalo has been great for me and the fans have been very supportive and it's disappointing that we won't have a chance to make the playoffs, but you have to have a lot of pride in yourself, and I wholeheartedly have appreciated everything that Buffalo has done for me."

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