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Peerless Price - PM Practice


PM Practice- 8/20/07


On the Michael Vick situation…

If he was involved with what people were saying, what everybody's heard, then that was the right decision because he's admitting that he did something wrong and standing up to it.  The consequences will be severe now. From a life standpoint I just wish him the best. I told him, put football behind you, and just concentrate on your life, concentrate on things that are at the forefront and the most important now, which is your family and your faith.


On talking to Michel Vick…

I've had conversations with him through someone, and I told him what I just told you.


On if Michel Vick will play in the NFL again…

I don't know. I hope he does because he's an exciting player, and he brought a lot to this league. As it stands right now, it doesn't look very good. Hopefully he can. Everybody does wrong. It's just that he was at the forefront, and he got caught for what he was doing. But all of us have skeletons in our closet, and hopefully, people can forgive and forget because he did bring excitement to the league.

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