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Preston Brown: I'm always trying to rip the ball out

LB Preston Brown Conference Call

Friday, May 9, 2014 

Q: Welcome to Buffalo. What is your reaction and what are your thoughts on coming to Buffalo?A: I'm just overjoyed and excited right now and ready to get to work.

Q: What makes you excited as far as the opportunity you might have with the Bills?A: Yeah, just coming in as a third round pick, I'm excited to get off the board on day two. That was a big relief for me. Just going there and trying to help the team out anyway I can. Special teams, linebacker, any position I can to help the defense win games.

Q: How do you describe your playing style?A: Just being around the ball as much as possible. That's one thing I try to do, I try to be around the ball and slide to the ball. Pursuit, I'm always going to be the guy trying to rip the ball out and be around the ball. Any aspect of being around the ball I feel I'm going to be there.

Q: What were your thoughts after your visit?A: Buffalo as a city, I thought it was a nice town. It reminds me a little bit of my hometown of Cincinnati. It's kind of a big city, but still kind of quiet. That was good to see and the staff I really enjoyed being around those guys for the duration of that day. It was a good visit.

Q: Are you familiar with Eric Wood?A: I know him personally. He comes in to lift sometimes at Louisville, so I've talked to him here and there, but I had no idea we'd end up being teammates.

Q: Do you mostly play at the Mike?A: I played Mike the last two years, but the first two years I was strong side. I feel I'm capable of playing any of the three.

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