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Q & A: QB Brad Smith

Cassie Negley: What was it like to be done with practices at St. John Fisher?

Brad Smith: It feels good. It's been three weeks here working. It's a grind and a lot of focus and attention to detail. It kind of signifies the end of our camp and getting closer to the regular season. Still hate to leave all these wonderful fans here. The people are excited for us to be here, so that's the only bad thing about [ending camp at Fisher].

CN: What's one thing you'll miss about being at St. John Fisher?

BS: Everyone's together all the time, 24 hours a day. As much as you like it or don't like it, they're there.

CN: Is there anything you've missed about being home or about Buffalo in general?

BS: I miss my bed. I miss waking up in the morning and seeing my son for a few minutes. I'm still leaving early, but I go in his room and give him a kiss before I leave. Just being able to see my family means everything to me.

CN: How was camp overall for you?

BS: It was a great learning experience being able to watch Ryan Fitzpatrick and all the other quarterbacks. To kind of get a broad view of the game has been good.

CN: What is it like to be locked in as the third-string quarterback by Chan Gailey and watch the quarterback battle in front of you?

BS: I've never been in that situation. I get to watch a lot. These guys are busting their butts competing, and so am I every opportunity I get. It's a different situation and it's good to see the best come out of Vince [Young] and Tyler [Thigpen]. They're two talented guys.

CN: What was a memorable part of camp for you off the field.

BS: My family being able to come up a couple of times from Ohio. It's was the first time they came up to training camp for the Bills. They enjoyed it and enjoyed the hospitality. The food was awesome. So it was good for me. My sister, my brother, my brother-in-law and all of my nieces and nephews were here the other day. And my wife and son as well.

CN: What are you looking forward to this season?

BS: Playing. Playing that first game against the Jets and taking that first step toward a special season. You know, it takes one step and that's the first one. That's a big one for us.

CN: Any last thoughts on your experiences at training camp this year?

BS: Thank you to the fans and thank you to St. John Fisher. The people at Fisher are everything you need. The crossing guards will help you down the steps and carry your pads. Rochester's been awesome and I can't wait for next year. Hopefully we'll have a pretty good season and do some pretty good things.

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