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Q & A: S Duke Williams


Q & A: S Duke Williams

Emma Klak: What went through your mind when you were being into the NFL?

Duke Williams: When I was being drafted, it was just a excited feeling all around. The whole draft process was long and highly anticipated. To finally hear your name, get called, and see your name across the board, it was just an unforgettable feeling. It was unreal.

EK: What inspired you when you were younger to make you work so hard to get to the NFL?

DW: I was very competitive growing up, always involved in sports and watching older guys succeed and do well in their sports. My first love was basketball, but then football came along and I stuck with it. Just being a good competitor. I just like the competitive nature of the game.

EK: As camp is coming to a close, what's the thing you'll miss most off the field?

DW: Off the field, being in the dorms and being around the guys that I've become close with throughout these few months. Especially the rookie guys that I came here with. We are really tight and got to know each other pretty well. We're close friends, like family already. The camaraderie with those guys is just great.

EK: We're you one of the lucky ones to receive a haircut since you're a rookie?

DW: Yea, unfortunately I got a haircut. I wasn't anticipating it. I tried to hide a few times, but then they caught me. Aaron Williams and Leodis got me. I had to wear that haircut for a few weeks, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

EK: Are you looking forward to experiencing your first Buffalo winter being from Nevada?

DW: Not at all, not at all. As soon as I got drafted here I kept on getting stories from everyone about how much snow we're going to get; how difficult it is to get to from the stadium to your house. I'm looking forward to the cold weather. I'm enjoying the summer. I hope this weather continues to be hot.

EK: Have you ever been in a lot of snow?

DW: Little do people know in Reno, where I played football, it snows a lot. You can expect when it snows, but you can just never get used to the cold. You just have to deal with it since we're here Sometimes I hope we can get a dome so we can play in that sometime soon.

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