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Q & A: WR Naaman Roosevelt

Chris Murphy: Being that you played your high school, collegiate, and now professional career all in Buffalo, what is the largest amount of family and friends you've had at a game?

Naaman Roosevelt: It had to be the Philly game last year. A lot of people wanted to see Vick too, so it was fun for them. I had the opportunity to catch some footballs in that game too. Probably 15 came out, so it was a big crowd.

CM: When you were a kid, did you grow up going to a lot of Bills games?

NR: Oh yeah. You always have to rep your hometown team.

CM: Did playing close to home have any factor on your decision to play your college ball at the University at Buffalo?

NR: It did a little bit. Meeting coach Gill and talking to him definitely made me want to stay close to home.

CM: What is your life like playing professional football in your hometown?

NR: It's definitely still unreal. You know, just being at home and always having your friends and family around. Surreal right now. Just getting used to it now being in my third year.

CM: Who were some of your favorite teams growing up and some of your favorite players?

NR: I liked the Steelers, too. I loved Kordell Stewart because I grew up being a quarterback too. Just watching him and doing the things he did, was definitely something I wanted to do. He and Michael Vick.

CM: Was football your favorite sport growing up? Did you play any other sports?

NR: I loved basketball. Basketball was my thing. My Dad brought me to football practice one day when I was younger

CM: Of all the places you've played in you career, what is you favorite venue and why?

NR: College had to be Auburn. We played there my freshman or sophomore year. That stadium holding 80,000 in Alabama in that heat, it was crazy.

CM: Do you have a favorite football or sports memory?

NR: It has to be the Giants game last year when I scored my first touchdown. It was definitely cool scoring there.

CM: Who were some of your role excluding sports growing up and why?

NR: My dad. He played a lot of sports growing up. He was a big player in basketball and football, too. Seeing what he went through and him helping me out when I was young. I didn't want to play football at first when I was young, but he got me into it and got me loving it, too.

CM: If you had to describe the upcoming season in one word, what would it be?

NR: Special. Especially with the talent we have, and all the people we have competing at each position.  You got great players at every position.

CM: What are your favorite musicians or artists out right now?

NR: I listen to Rick Ross. People always ask me that, but I listen to everybody. It could be rock, pop, rap, I listen to everybody.

CM: Who would you say is the funniest person on the team and why?

NR: I got to say Tashard Choice. He is hilarious. He always has everyone laughing.

CM: What is your favorite city to visit on the road and why?

NR: I would have to say New York. I like New York's stadium and I like the Meadowlands, too.

CM: Who would you say is the best dressed on the Bills?

NR: I got go with Stevie. Stevie has a crazy way about how he dresses, but I like it.

CM: Describe Chan Gailey in one word.

NR: Discipline

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