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QB Trent Edwards - 8/5


PM Practice – August 5, 2008


On practicing in rainy weather

I took it as a learning experience. I almost enjoyed it as it is nice to turn the elements up a little bit because that is something you are going to face on Sundays. As a team, as a unit and as a group we all need to be able to handle that situation which is why coach kept us out there and wanted us to keep working in it.


On how he is better prepared for bad weather games

A lot is physically. I have grown, I have gotten stronger and hopefully that will help me when it comes time to play in the rain and bad weather. Mentally, I have been in that situation before. I know certain plays that I have made that I can change. And mentally, I can go through it in my head and make sure it doesn't happen again.


On throwing a wet, heavy ball and what needs to change in rainy weather

You have to make sure you have a better grip on the ball, make sure the ball is dry, try and talk to the officials and your center. You are a little bit more conservative in play calling, too. You have to make sure you're not throwing balls over the middle and deeper throws. You have to try and stay underneath and keep it short and simple which is a more high percentage play.


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