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QBs Luck and Manuel wish each other well


They've known each other for more than six years. They both graduated from high school the same year. They were also the first quarterbacks taken in each of the last two NFL drafts. After squaring off Sunday in a 44-20 win for Buffalo, the two young signal callers met up at midfield after the preseason game concluded.

"It's always good to see guys you've known since high school and seeing his success the past couple of years even in college," said Manuel. "Just seeing him do great and perform. It was good to see him again and he said, 'I'm sure we'll link up in the offseason.'"

Luck, who just went through what Manuel is likely to experience this season, tried to explain what Buffalo's top draft choice is going to be facing if and when he's named the team's starting quarterback.

"There's a lot of learning that goes on and a lot of it is a bit on the fly," Luck said.

Manuel and Luck have traveled in the same circles as they both attended a bunch of quarterback camps together over the last several offseasons through high school and college.

"I hadn't talked to him much," said Manuel. "I think last time was maybe a summer ago at the Manning camp. I've known Luck since probably 11th grade in high school. Great competitor, great quarterback."

On Sunday Luck's day was short lived as he played just a couple of offensive series going 4-6 passing for 51 yards with his two possessions not ending with points.

Manuel played the entire first half and threw his first career touchdown pass to Dorin Dickerson to cap a two-minute drill near the close of the second quarter.

"He said I looked comfortable and looked good," said Manuel. "I said the same to him because he went out there and did what he does. But getting the props from him was good enough.

"I think it is a mile post. It was my first time out there and it was the real deal, it's the show. I thought we did a good job as a team going out there and getting a win even though it was preseason. Moving forward I know it's going to give us a lot of confidence and we've got another game on Friday so we've got to get ready for that."

Manuel might be the rookie, but the Bills top pick earned some respect from his quarterback counterpart.

"I was always very impressed by him and his character," said Luck. "He seemed like a great guy every time I was around him so I wish the best for him."

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