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Quarterback JP Losman

Monday, November 26, 2007
On if he is feeling low
No, it's just a situation where you kind of see it coming. This position is a position where you have to win to stay in.  That's what this position is about. When wins aren't being produced some people feel that there's a change that needs to be made in order to get them. We're scrambling for a win right now so coach is going to do what he feels is best.
On if it is tough putting the time and work in without being able to reap the rewards
It's tough. That's part of this game and a lot of people all across the country playing this game put in a lot of time and a lot of work to try to get that success on the field. But sometimes that success is tricky. Sometimes it happens when it shouldn't and sometimes it doesn't happen when it should so you just have to, as tough as it is, you have to stay positive about the whole thing and realize that you'll get another opportunity and another chance to be successful.
On if he is angry or frustrated
At this point there's not that much right now. I think once you start practicing and you're not getting reps and then once the game comes and you're not playing it'll sink a little bit more. But right now it's something like I said, you could see it coming. I knew it was getting close down to it if you're not going to win games. I knew it was going to get close so it wasn't a complete shocker considering we didn't get a win last week.
On the inconsistency of the offense and not scoring points
There are a lot of factors involved. You start by looking at yourself, realize that you made some mistakes and you could play better for your team. You take it from there and don't worry about the other guys as much as possible and try to worry about yourself. But collectively there are a lot of things that we all need to happen to make this offense go.
On the quarterback getting the most attention on the offense
It's not just one person that's hurting the offense, but then again it's hard to look past other people when you yourself are making mistakes. You have to get those mistakes fixed and like I said, I think we're just scrambling for a win, so coach is going to do and obviously make his decision based off what he feels best to try to get us a win this week.
On if it is frustrating each week, wondering who will be the quarterback
I don't know if frustration is the right word. I think I've been through a lot, seen a lot here and a lot of players have. You just kind of learn how roll with the punches in this game and in this profession. You've chosen this type of profession. You know what it's about, being a player, being a part of a team it's not easy. It never is. Even when you get a 'W' it's not easy. So you're kind of just preparing yourself for any situation that arises throughout your playing years.
On what the right word would be
The right word? I don't know if there is one right word to define exactly what emotions are or what this whole thing is about. It's a lot of factors involved. I know it's a tricky situation, it's an awkward situation, but you just kind of learn how to roll with the punches and realize that you could be back in there in one play.
On if he feels the offense's approach has changed from last season
No, I'm not sure. Each opponent is different. You're trying to attack an opponent differently each week depending on what they give you. So you can't sit there and say 'we're going to do this no matter what' so you kind of just roll with your opponents. We've played some pretty good teams.
On if he has had time to think about beyond this season
Yes. You have time to think about it briefly, but the week comes by so fast and practice goes by so fast that your focus is on your week at hand. It's that week and I really don't have any time to really think too much else other than our next opponent.

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