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Quarterback JP Losman


Monday, November 19, 2007


On how the film of last night's game looked


It's never as bad, but I know exactly what happened and pretty much every play that went wrong regardless of who was at fault I had a good idea of what was going on. Coming off the field, [I'd say] 'they did this, I was going here or I should have went there' or what have you so I had a pretty good sense.


On not being the first team New England played so well against


Going into the game the questions were do you guys feel that you guys can hang with a team like this? If a team going into the game says, 'you know what, we're going to be the team to do it' but they seem once again do it again do it to everybody and like I said, we respected them going into the game, we have to give them that, but we still have to attack and we still have to come at them. But they were tough to handle, they've been tough to handle for everybody so far this year and the last couple years really but especially this year. They're a machine right now.


On being named the starter for this week's game vs. Jacksonville


It's another opportunity for me, I'm thankful for that. There's just a lot of work to get done. We need to regroup after a game like this, we need to get over it extremely fast and that goes for everybody. Learn from these mistakes but get ready.  We understand we have a long way to go, a lot of games left and still possibility there to have a great season.


On if he is having a short leash mentality


I guess you always feel that way especially I think the week of Miami for some reason, I don't know why. I guess after the first half, I'm like 'oh, here we go.' You have to get over it; you have to shrug it off. This is a game where that is the way it is, period.  Regardless of what position you play, so you just have to be ready to play every week and be grateful for your opportunities. But when it's time to do your job, make the throws and lead your time you have to do it.


On if this game is a make or break game


I guess they all are up to this point until you get on a little run here. We were on a run there for four games straight. We got hit in the mouth pretty bad last week, but we have another chance to go on a run and it starts this week. We can't look ahead, but you have to look ahead from the standpoint of look what's at stake at this next game. This next game, we can get it started and that's what we're looking forward to right now.


On this week's game


I just want to bounce back from last week. The last two weeks really weren't as good as we wanted to be from an offensive standpoint. Bounce back that way, come out smoking and show everybody that we loathed a little bit last game, but we're able to regroup and bounce back extremely fast one week later.


On Coach Jauron saying that not a lot of people thought this team would be 5-5 at this point


I don't think people realize that as well either. Like I said that was a tough team we played this Sunday but a lot of football left. (There's) a lot of growth that we can grow and learn from before if you're talking playoffs that is, there's a lot of growth and a lot of things that can happen to make our team better from now until then. It starts with watching this tape and it starts now with our six game season so far.


On the importance of the captains getting together to talk to the team


Of course. I think so far since I've been here, same group of guys here they've been pretty good at bouncing back with adversity or injuries or stepping in. I don't think we'll have a problem with that, but it never hurts to just keep reminding everybody how important it is to get over it. Start fast on Wednesday, don't wait until Friday's practice, start tomorrow, we start the film on Jacksonville. Everyone comes in, the defense watches film together, the offense watches film together and Wednesday we need to come out sharp, extremely sharp on mixed downs, Thursday with third-downs and then Friday with red zone.


On if this week's game is the biggest of his career


Yes, because it's the next one and it's going to give us a chance to give us a spark on this little run that we need to get to if we're thinking playoffs around here which we are. It starts this week and it is the most important game of my career, of this team and of this season right now. We need to get this win streak started back up again.





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