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Quarterback JP Losman - Media Day

Bills Quarterback J.P. Losman
On opening up the offense

We've had some good packages to throw the ball.  Maybe throw it a little bit more than we did in the previous two games.  Just spreading the ball around and getting it in those guys' hands.  I felt like that was our best way to win then so we'll see how it goes this week. On playing against the team that he was injured against the first time

It hasn't entered my mind.  It's a new week and I'm just trying to prepare myself for this game.  I'm feeling ready and feeling comfortable.  I was comfortable going into that game.  I was confident going into that game and right now I feel the same way.  I think our whole offense feels the same way as well.  On possibly playing without Marshawn Lynch

We'll see.  He's been a tremendous force for our offense all year and he'll continue to be.  If he's not there everyone else is going to have to pick up their load.  Whoever is stepping in for him, Anthony (Thomas), Dwayne (Wright) or Fred (Jackson) are going to have to step up and make some plays as well.  We'll have some things to cater towards what those guys do best as well which will help us out.  Right now our offensive line is comfortable with Anthony and those guys and we need to keep it rolling.  On having to score a lot of points to keep up with New England

You never really think about 'we have to score X amount of points this game to win'.  We're going out there and trying to score as many points as possible every game.  That's the same approach we are going to take this week.  We have no control over how good our defense plays or how many points we need.  However many we need, we need to score more.  We're going to come out firing and believing that we are going to score a lot of points just like we do every week and just try to keep that confidence going.  On what is seen from New England's defensive line on film

Their intensity.  Their whole team defense as a whole just plays extremely hard and fast.  They try to hurt you, try to bruise you, try to reroute you.  They're a very physical defense.  So sometimes you want to use that to your advantage and sometimes you don't.  You try to pick and choose when the right time to see what they do best and try to counter against it.  See if we can call those at the right time this week.  On New England feeling like the Mt. Everest of the NFL

As a team, everyone feels that they can go in and beat a team.  You have a lot of confident players on a lot of teams.  Everyone goes into the game against New England feeling like we're the team that is going to upset them or break their winning streak or what have you.  From my standpoint, I don't think as a team we are any different.  We also do know how good they are and respect how good they are.  We respect their play.  We feel that we're pretty good too.  With hard work, like coach says, and a little bit of luck, the ball bounces our way a little bit, hopefully we can surprise some people.  On this game being a big opportunity for him

It's a great opportunity all the way around and any way you want to look at it.  Individually, team wise, everyone has a lot to prove against this team.  There's no one to prove it against better than this team.  Like I said, individually and from a group standpoint, everybody has something to prove and if you want to say me.  Of course. 

On the Bills playing on national TV        

It's exciting.  It's exciting to be on primetime on television as far as sports go.  I think it's exciting for our fans and the city of Buffalo.  Hearing the name Buffalo on national TV is exciting.  I've been a part of this community the past couple of years.  To make it all count and make it all work we want to come out and perform well for our fans and we are able to come out with a win it'll be a lot of excitement.  On Losman's personal excitement to be able to play on Sunday night

To me every game is primetime.  Every game is national TV for me.  You can't over 'jack yourself up' for an event like this.  You actually have to calm yourself down and take it one play at a time.  On how much more difficult it is to prepare for the Patriots

I don't think they are any more difficult to prepare for.  I think just you know when you're going to come out to play them that if there's a game where you need the least amount of mistakes it's going to be this game.  You're going to have to be sharp and you're not going to get too many chances so when you do you're going to have to connect.  Everyone is going to have to do their job, all 11 guys on the field, to pull this one off.  You have to have your best game is basically what I am saying to pull this thing out.  That's what we are looking forward to do.              

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