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Quarterback JP Losman - Media Day

Bills Quarterback J.P. Losman


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On the game against Jacksonville being a game the Bills have to have

This is basically like a playoff game for us and we know that.  We're on a six-game run here and we're going to try to get this win streak started back up.  It's a big game for our team.  They all are but especially this week.  We're trying to do something and if you're talking playoffs or whatever we're going to need this one. So it's big. 


On a change in the offensive philosophy for Jacksonville

It didn't matter who we played last week, we were going to lose the way we played.  We didn't deserve to win.  We had a lot of mental mistakes as a team.  Speaking from an offensive standpoint, we had them all around the board.  We just weren't doing the things we practiced on all week.  No matter who we were going to play we were going to lose.  We feel as a team that every team is good in this league.  Obviously some teams don't allow you to make certain mistakes once or twice a game.  From here on out everyone is going to be playing and battling for a playoff spot.  It's the grind.  People are going to have to be playing through injuries and we have to stay sharp and it starts today with practice.  We had a great practice today.  We were sharp in our protections and knowing when we're hot, routes to run and being accurate with the ball.  We had a good day.


On the offense having to score points to keep up with Jacksonville's offense

Every week we go into games saying we are going to have to put up points to win from an offensive standpoint.  We're trying to get that through our heads to just stay sharp.  What cost us some points last week and the week before were mental mistakes but nothing physical.  We just had some mental mistakes going on.  So we just have to fix that really, really fast and we got off to a good start today. 


On it being easier or harder to get over the Patriots loss

I can't speak for everyone else but for me it's been tough.  I think it's tough for everyone to get over a loss like that or any loss in general.  We were going well for a while, four weeks straight and then 'Boom' we ran into a brick wall pretty hard and pretty fast.  Monday kind of lingered around but once I started watching film on Jacksonville Monday night and Tuesday things started going away.  I am starting to think about Jacksonville and I'm thinking about things that they did and I'm thinking about the game last year when we played them and I'm thinking about who they have played.  So my mind is getting off of it more and more now.  As much as you want to get over last week, you have to keep that hunger inside of you.  Nobody on our team should forget that feeling.  Remember it and remember why offensively we didn't score as many points as we wanted to.  It was our fault.  We made some mistakes mentally that cost us and we're going to have to fix that this week if we're going to win this game.


On showing that the Bills are for real if they are able to beat a solid team on the road

You could look at it that way.  Like I said, it's a playoff game for us.  It doesn't matter who we're playing.  It doesn't matter what people think or are saying about that team.  It's going to be tough to try to get a win on the road in the NFL.  You could say that this team's record is better then some other teams but we've played some pretty good teams.  We know that going in and we're going to have to be sharp. 


On getting Roscoe Parrish more involved in the offense

We've tried to get Roscoe involved as much as possible.  I know he was having a leg problem bothering him the last couple of weeks.  Last week it seemed like he was healthy and he made a great play for us.  We got some things in for him this week.  They're probably going to cloud Lee (Evans) this week.  If they do or if they don't we don't know.  That gives a chance for other people to make plays and we're going to try to get the ball in his hands for sure. 


On feeling as if his job is on the line in this game

It always is.  Like Coach (Jauron) says, 'every position' but especially this position.  This position is about winning and taking teams to the playoffs.  We have a chance and an opportunity to get on a little run and to make those things happen and until they do everything is up for grabs. 


On expecting to start this week after the offense sputter the past two weeks

I would have been surprised if I didn't but there have been a lot of surprises since I've been here.  I'm just ready for whatever and ready to handle any situation given to me. 


On feeling an unfair amount of pressure because of this week to week thing

That's the way I feel as far as everyone is in the same boat, especially the quarterback.  I can't emphasize that enough.  You're asking me if I feel like I'm on a short leash?  (Yes)  I've been feeling that way for quite some time.  It's not affecting my play.  That's not the reason why we are not scoring points or we're not winning ball games.  That's something that you're going to have to get over and be mentally tough as a player.  I've been able to deal with those things over the last couple of years but I'm still learning how to get better at it I guess. 


On Mike Peterson, Marcus Stroud and Rashean Mathis possibly being out on Sunday and how it changes the Jacksonville defense

Those are not definites or at least one of them is not a definite.  We'll just see if they are going to play or not.  That may or may not change things.  They're still going to be a good football team.  Everyone is going to have to learn how to overcome injuries to be successful in this league and many teams have been able to do that.  There shouldn't be a team that isn't able to do that.  They're still going to give us a pretty good challenge. 


On the positives and negatives of beating Jacksonville last year

Last time was a long time ago.  This is a totally different situation the way we look at it.  They might play us the same or they might not.  Who knows.  We're preparing for anything.  As far as confidence goes, we are confident because we feel we're a good football team and we feel we're a good offense and we just need to go out there and show it but we need to be sharp.  Regardless of what the defense is doing or dictating, we need to get what we need to get right first and then we can sit there and say this team stopped us or that team stopped us.  First and foremost we need to take care of ourselves. 


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