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Quarterback Trent Edwards


PM Practice – August 4, 2008


On being in a different kind of mode knowing there's a game this weekend

It'll change come Thursday and Friday's practice. I think Turk [Schonert] wants to change it up more like a game week in those two practices. But these first couple days of this week will just be normal training camp practices; installing different packages, going through different situations and going against our own defense.


On the anticipation of this weekend's game

Everyone's very excited. We've played against Jabari [Greer, Terrance [McGee], Donte [Whitner], Ko [Simpson] and those guys. I know Lee [Evans], Josh [Reed] and Roscoe [Parrish] are ready to face a different secondary and get some different coverage looks that we've been getting all camp. I'll tell you, we're getting tired of going against the same people and it'll test where we're at offensively, if we can handle facing a different defense. And I think we're ready for the test.


On watching last night's preseason game (Washington vs. Indianapolis)

I watched a little bit of it. I know Colt Brennan, so I was watching some of the second half trying to follow him when he was in there. But it's going to be the same style of defense that I think they ran last year. I don't think they're going to change too much. But we'll do a small script, a small game plan and make sure we're ready to go for Saturday.


On Roscoe Parrish being small and wondering if he's going to get up from hits sometimes

It's just frustrating as a quarterback to put your guys in those positions. You never want to see a guy go down, especially a guy you threw into a hit like that, and I think Jabari knows not to. And he's trying to get his reps and trying to get better, and give us a good look, but there's a fine line between that. But I've got to make sure that I'm not leading guys into blow up hits like that and hopefully that won't happen again.


On this being a different preseason for him going into his second year

I think just kind of getting rid of those game jitters. I'm trying to ease those going through this preseason, picturing yourself facing Seattle and going into a regular season game trying to use these preseason games as that practice, I guess for me. And I'm going to use a lot mentally in terms of just understanding that I'm the guy and I'm going to need to be able to handle that. And using these preseason games to my advantage as starting quarterback and starting the game that way, and be mentally in and ready to go.


On deciding whether getting rid of the ball is better than taking a chance of getting hit and injured

I don't think that'll ever cross the back of my mind. It's never. I'm out there playing football. I'm out there having fun. I'm never going to take it easy, I'm always going to go 100-percent and I think a lot of guys on this team are going to keep that same mindset. Obviously everyone wants to stay healthy and I know everyone on Washington wants to stay healthy too, but that's part of the game. Injuries happen. We lost a couple of guys last week and it's part of the territory, but I almost think that if you have that in the back of your mind you're going to hesitate and not play the way you want to play.


On looking forward to the preseason game and taking hits

No honestly not. I look forward to scoring and winning but not taking hits. You lift in the off-season and you try to make sure that your body is ready to take those hits but the less hits you take over the course of the season, it's simple math, its not going to add up to as many injuries by the end of the year. So we've got to avoid those. But it comes with the territory. It's exciting. You buckle your chin strap, put your mouth piece in and play football.


On Brett Favre's situation in Green Bay

I've had many discussions with my fellow quarterbacks here at camp, and one of my best friends is in camp with Green Bay and I was telling him that I'm going to send him some of my Brett Favre memorabilia for him to get signed for me. But that's a whole other point. Honestly, Brett Favre is one of my top three favorite quarterbacks to ever play the game and any opportunity I have to be able to be living and watching him play, is something I'm excited about. And I'm excited he's going back to Green Bay. And hopefully he'll get in there and lead those guys to the playoffs and hopefully we'll meet them in the Super Bowl.

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