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Quarterback Trent Edwards

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
On how his arm and practicing felt
We made a lot of progress since Sunday and I'm pleased with where we're at, but again it was a limited number of reps so we're going to have to push a little bit more the next couple of days. I was happy to be back out there again and be around the guys and throw the football around a little.
On if he was limited in practice in terms of what he could do
There were a couple of periods in there I could have mixed in with the quarterbacks, but we tried to tone it down a little bit and not try to push anything over the top. Hopefully I can be back out there and do a little bit more tomorrow.
On going back into the lineup this week
I'm trying to prepare like I'm going to be in there. Physically I'm not where I need to be right now, but I'm trying to get where I need to be physically and mentally on Sunday.
On if the swelling has gone down
It didn't look right and it wasn't functioning properly. They did a good job in the training room and I'm happy with the progress and everything that's gone on with it. So I'm happy to be back out there.
On gripping the ball and throwing being a challenge
It's probably both. Strength-wise it's not back to where it was before, but that'll build up with time and I'll get all that back. There are certain things here or there that bother it, but that's part of the game and you need to be able to play through that and I'm willing to do that.

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