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Quarterback Trent Edwards- 7/29

Quarterback Trent Edwards

PM Practice – July 29, 2008


On the offense being sluggish

We just put in new plays a couple of hours before practice and some guys haven't run the plays before. They were just a little lackadaisical because there are a lot of fans out here and that's going to happen. There are a lot of Bills fans out here and we are happy to have them out here but it is hard when you are not used to practicing that way. It just takes a couple rounds to get used to it.


On having passes dropped tonight

It's tied in a little bit with the fans being here and a little bit of accuracy on the quarterbacks' side. That is granted to happen when you have a lot of people watching you and you have to get used to that and I think that is why we practice at night.


On the crowd pumping him up

They definitely fire you up but when you are not used to playing in front of a couple thousand fans, it's a different type of practice. You normally don't practice under the lights at night. It kind of reminds you of your high school days but it is a fun environment to be in and I know the guys like to do it but we just have to kind of pick things up and turn things around a little bit.


On getting to play better in situations like night practice

Definitely, regardless if it is a situation like this or any type of situation I am usually my own worst critic. I think a lot of guys on this team are the same way and that is just going to make us get better seeing that happen, seeing those kind of mistakes on film, then changing them and moving on to the next day.

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