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Quarterback Trent Edwards- 7/31

Quarterback Trent Edwards

PM Practice – July 31, 2008* *

On tonight's practice over Tuesday night's:

There's still some plays that are sticking out in my mind right now that need to be fixed, but it's never as good as you think it is, and it's never as bad as you think it is on tape. So we just have a chance to get better and learn from my mistakes. There were a couple offside penalties, a couple dropped balls, a couple inaccurate throws, and a couple fumbled runs, but those are just something that we need to pick up and take care of and get ready for our next preseason game.  

On he and Lee Evans being on the same page:

The good thing about Lee (Evans) is he likes communicating, and that's what helps that receiver-quarterback relationship, is if he's willing to come back and give you advice when you miss a throw, just to make sure you're on the same page with things. And Lee's the type of guy that likes talking, likes the ball in his hands. I know there was a certain play today where my read wasn't to go to him, but he was open and came back to the huddle and was like, 'I know that's not your read Trent, but that look to me on that play, I like that route, I like that match-up, let's get me the ball.'  

On Royal working his way back into the offense tonight:

Rob's getting more and more involved in the offense. I think he's getting more comfortable with the offense. And once he knows the plays better, and he's run them a couple times, and gone through the sort of the growing pains of the offense a little bit, he's only going to get better

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