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Quarterback Trent Edwards - 8/17

PM Practice – August 17, 2008
On how it felt to execute the drive after scrambling
I said before that I haven't had a chance to watch as much film as I wanted to. I watched some film Wednesday night before the pep rally. I saw a lot of man coverages in third-and-long situations. I kind of told myself if the play wasn't there down the field there is no reason to force the ball down the field, try to get the ball to your back and if the back is not there try and run with it. Even if you don't get the first down you are not turning the ball over, you are keeping the clock running, you are putting your defense in a good position and you are bringing Brian Moorman on the field to punt and there is nothing wrong with that. It was just a great play call and the pocket kind of collapsed and I had to be quick on my feet.
On the whole trip being a confidence builder
I really like our attitude on offense. The plays that Turk [Schonert] was calling and the approach we took to the game, it felt like everyone in the huddle was on the same page. Everyone wasn't asking to repeat the play call or the cadence, everyone kind of knew what we were doing and it is just a credit to a good week of practice and I think it was a great game plan that we had going in.
On having Josh Reed back
You can tell by the smile on my face that I am really happy to have him back. I am not going to play favorites when it comes to receivers but he is in my top five. I will leave it at that. He is a special guy and when he is healthy he helps out the quarterback position a lot. I know when plays break down Josh [Reed] is a guy you can turn to and get open in those situations.
On how big the first offensive play was after the turnover
It was a 22-yard gain. I don't think it was a 30, but it was just a corner route by Lee [Evans] that with a deep coverage from the corner he is going to break it off just like a deep-out route. There was great protection up front. I think I had a seven or eight man blocking scheme right there so it was a matter of being accurate and throwing the ball on time and letting Lee make a play.
On that pass to Evans setting up the night
I think it helps everyone. I think it helps the offensive line by me getting the ball out quick and not taking a sack. It helps the run game because it keeps the defense on their heels going deep the first play and it helps Lee's confidence and all the other receivers confidence. I know it was just one play but it was a great way to start of the game.
On how long it will take for things to get back to normal with Josh Reed

I hope pretty soon. I hope it is very, very quickly here. I know he has been kind of dinged up and I am hoping a healthy Josh Reed is here to stay. I don't know what his status is now but I think he had a good practice today and we just need to continue working. I know we are going to miss some throws here and there but hopefully that doesn't happen come game time and I am happy he is back healthy. And I am happy to have him back in the huddle.

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