Quarterback Trent Edwards- 8/2

Quarterback Trent Edwards

AM Practice – August 2, 2008                   


On how you think you finished the week out:

I thought we came out here with a good sense of urgency and we practiced pretty hard and did what we needed to do. I think we need to have practices like this more consistently, we had a couple of practices earlier in the week that were not up to where we wanted them to be and we need to practice like we did today more often.


On getting the day off tomorrow:

It will be very nice to just rest your legs and get your feet off the ground take your mind off of football for a little bit and then come right back ready to go Sunday night for meetings.


On things picking up with the first preseason game coming up:

It does, and I think that is exciting, it gives guys something to work towards. I think we are playing Saturday in Washington I believe and we will have a big week of practice, we will be installing some plays and it will almost be like a Seattle game week for our first game of the season and have that style of practice during the week.


On things running smoother offensively today:

Yes, I would agree, things are kind of slowing down a little bit just because we are running plays that we have ran before and we have made our mistakes previously on these plays and we learn from those. I think we are doing a good job at all of our positions at learning from our mistakes and picking up in that area.


On his receivers:

They are stepping up big time right now, Roscoe (Parrish), Josh (Reed) and our seventh rounder from Kentucky, (Steve) Johnson. He has impressed me a lot, I like his attitude and his approach to the game. I know his knee is a little banged up, but hopefully he can continue making plays for us.


On Rob Royal and Justin Jenkins:

Justin, Rob, and Fred Jackson coming out of the backfield look good too. Once you get the momentum and the confidence going, there is not telling what those guys can do for us. I have been talking to them on the sidelines, telling them when they are the primary and secondary receiver and if we can both understand that they are the primary receiver they are going to run their route a little bit harder and get open for us and make plays.


On having options:

It is nice in the position I am in right now to have those options. To have a guy like Marshawn (Lynch) in the backfield and Fred (Jackson) to gain those tough yards and take the pressure off of me. They are a big box count and will help our offensive line and allow me to throw the ball outside one-on-one to Robert (Royal), Lee (Evans), and Josh (Reed).


On the two minute drill work:

I thought our two minute period at the end went well, it is tough when it is not a game situation and the pressure isn't on. We are trying to make it as game like as possible but it is tough to simulate a game situation but I think we did a good job of running it effectively. We didn't jump offsides and that will give us a chance to win at the end of games.


On being a good time for a day off

 I think any day is a good time for a day off, especially after today, I think we had a good week of work. We had a couple good practices, a couple bad practices, but we will come back ready to go on Monday and comeback Sunday night with a little better attitude and a little bit rested.


On seeing progress:

I see progress, I notice the coaching points at this time in last year's camp. There are certain throws that coaches are trying to make you make and certain plays that they are trying to make you make. Working in the film room and after practice is sort of paying off right now and I can see that progress where you are talking about things in the film room and seeing them happen in tape on the practice field and that is a sign of a little bit of progress I guess.


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