Quick Hits | Buffalo's playoff path clear, but work to be done


1. Sean McDermott talked about the team's mentality on the playoff push

The Bills needed a win this past Sunday and losses by three other AFC teams to qualify for the playoffs. Buffalo didn't get the win against Baltimore, but those other three teams, Houston, Indianapolis and Oakland all lost as well. It puts the Bills in a win-and-in scenario for the playoffs on Sunday night in Pittsburgh.

Head coach Sean McDermott however, isn't changing anything with respect to the team's approach just because a playoff berth is sitting there for them this weekend.

"One week at a time," said McDermott. "Respect the opponent, respect our preparation and respect our process as we get some rest for them and get themselves ready to go. This is a good football team that we're going to face. This is an organization that's had a lot of success if you've studied the tradition of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's going to be a good week of preparation for us and we're looking forward to it."

McDermott and his staff is all too familiar with what Pittsburgh has done to put themselves in the AFC playoff race themselves after starting the season 0-3.

"The challenge that's in front of our football team this week, a well-coached team with veteran players that have been together a long time, in particular the offensive line. One of the best offensive lines in football. A tough football team," he said. "So that's really where our focus is and I know our players will get themselves ready to go, but it really starts with our preparation and how we go about our week together."

2. Bills have good bounce back ability

Buffalo's latest loss is one the hope to rebound from just like they have after their three previous defeats. The Bills have been able to bounce back with victories every time they've endured a loss this season.

In Week 5 they earned a hard-fought victory at Tennessee coming off the loss at home to New England.

In Week 9 they beat Washington at home to stem the tide after a humbling defeat at the hands of Philadelphia the week prior.

And after a disappointing three-point loss at Cleveland in Week 10, they got a win on the road Miami in Week 11.

"I think it's leadership, our player-driven leadership and the resiliency of our football team," said McDermott as to why the team has not suffered back-to-back losses this season. "I thought that was on display against Baltimore and I think it's been on display for most of this season to be honest with you. These guys they play hard. They play four quarters. Every week they give you their best effort. I'm extremely proud of them for that, but I credit the leadership and resiliency of our group."

3. Lessons for Josh Allen to take with him

As difficult as Sunday's game was for fans watching, it may have been even tougher to take for QB Josh Allen. Faced with having his lowest completion percentage game of the season and being unable to use his legs as much as he normally does to help generate positive plays, coach McDermott sees opportunity for Allen to learn from what took place in the Ravens game.

"It was a good environment to be a part of," said McDermott. "Those are the style of games we want to play in December in Buffalo. We've got to learn from it and Josh had some plays he certainly wants back. He has to continue to grow and evolve as does the offense in this case."

McDermott did point to himself and his coaching staff to do a better job of putting the players in position to succeed as well, but as much as Allen himself said he has to raise his personal game in the wake of the loss to Baltimore, his head coach believes they collectively have to perform better.

"I think our entire offense can (improve) and that starts with me," McDermott said. "Going back and making sure we improve if faced with similar situations and challenges. That's really what we're all about. That's the growth mindset. How you make the adjustments from one week to the next and grow into a stronger football team.

"We try to respect that and make sure that we are dotting our 'I's and crossing our 'T's as far as some of the challenges we faced in our last game on offense, defense and special teams. We have to make sure we grow specific to what happened against the Ravens."

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