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Bills Today | Will Buffalo get the opportunity to see Baltimore again?


1. Will Buffalo get the opportunity to see Baltimore again?

The Bills don't play the Ravens again on the regular season schedule but that doesn't stop the players from believing they may see them again in the next month.

Baltimore sits atop the AFC playoff picture as the No. 1 seed. For the two teams to meet again they would have to play in the AFC divisional or championship round. With Buffalo looking to clinch a playoff spot (right now Buffalo sits in fifth place) that means they would have to win at least one playoff game.

"We want to win ballgames," Jerry Hughes said. "We understand playing it close and keeping guys under their milestones is great but to go out and get a W against a playoff caliber team who we know we will see again. It'd be great to get that W and give the home crowd what they rightfully deserve."

If Baltimore and Buffalo meet again, the game will be played in Baltimore and not in front of 69,000 screaming Bills fans.

"At the end of the day we know we can compete with anybody in the NFL," Lorenzo Alexander said. "We know we're going to see that team in the future. Obviously, we have Pittsburgh next week and have to finish out the season but with the confidence we have and way we're playing we will definitely meet them again."

"Collect the tape tomorrow, come in, get that watched, and then, probably face them again later in the season," Matt Milano said.

2. What Josh Allen has to do to improve

Josh Allen had a tough day on Sunday. He completed just 17 of his 39 passes and fumbled twice while being sacked. Allen finished with 146 yards, the majority of which came during the second half.

"I have to do a better job of finding completions early on. When they do show some of these pressures, finding the right answer and you hit one or two of those and maybe it deters them from bringing it again," Allen said.

The Ravens blitz at the highest percentage in the league and made Allen aware of that. Baltimore had six sacks and didn't allow Allen to take off and run at any point.

"They had some success with it and it's something that I'm going to learn from. We'll look on tape and see what we can do to try to counteract that and like I said, we lost by seven points to a really good team. We're not going to let one game define us, and one game make us. We're looking for number 10 and we have a really good Pittsburgh team we're playing next week."

3. Cole Beasley's advice for Dawson Knox

Dawson Knox has had his rookie season ups and downs. He's earned cheers for his long catches and his physical running style, but he's also heard boo's when he drops passes. Both were on display against Baltimore.

Knox dropped a crucial third down pass but then made up for it with a one-handed 37-yard catch that led to a Buffalo touchdown.

"The big play gave us a lot of juice and he's done stuff like that all year," Cole Beasley said. "And I told him he had a drop early, that's alright don't worry about it, the great ones that stick around are the ones that come back strong and make a play later. He did that and has done that every time. A big fan of that guy."

Knox's one catch was enough to lead the Bills in receiving yards. He was targeted four times on Sunday.

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