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Quick Hits | Sean McDermott grateful for Bills' best start in 26 years

Isaiah McKenzie, 19, and others take a knee to reflect before the Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins game at New Era Field on November 3, 2019. Photo by Craig Melvin
Isaiah McKenzie, 19, and others take a knee to reflect before the Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins game at New Era Field on November 3, 2019. Photo by Craig Melvin

1. Sean McDermott is grateful for Bills' hot start

There are still some naysayers out there about Buffalo's 6-2 start, but the players and coaches are cherishing the position they're in at the midway point of the season. Chief among them, head coach Sean McDermott.

"Very grateful," he said. "Just to be here number one and be a part of this team. There are a lot of great people in this building and it's a result of everyone's hard work, so I'm very grateful for it."

McDermott was asked about those who have criticized the veracity of Buffalo's record pointing to the rigor, or lack thereof, of Buffalo's schedule.

"We control what we can control," McDermott said. "That's what we do. We don't make the schedule. We didn't make the schedule last year and there are probably pretty good odds that we won't make it next year. We focus on who we play next week."

The Bills have not had a record better than 6-2 at the season's halfway point since 1993 when they were 7-1.

Scroll through to view photos of every player currently on the Bills 53-man roster along with updates on their play to this point through 8 games.

2. Offense a work in progress

The offense was responsible for giving the Bills a lead they held wire to wire in their win over Washington on Sunday. There were areas where they wished they were more productive and more consistent certainly, but a 15-point victory is something Buffalo will take any day of the week.

The offense didn't blow a now 1-8 Washington team off the field, but that rarely happens in the NFL. With outside observers expecting more than 160 passing yards and 268 total net yards, coach McDermott was asked if the offense should be doing more.

"We're a work in progress. A lot of work to do," said McDermott. "A humble and hungry approach is what we embrace here. That to me embodies this city and the fans of the Buffalo Bills, so we subscribe to that."

In his postgame comments, QB Josh Allen also expressed a hunger on the part of the players to continue to work on their consistency and execution offensively.

3. Short yardage review

Buffalo's success in short yardage was a mixed bag in Sunday's victory. After reviewing the tape of the struggles to gain a yard in the goal-to-go situation at the one-yard line on three straight plays, before Josh Allen finally broke the plane on 4th-and-goal, coach McDermott pointed to winning one-on-one battles.

"It's never just one guy, and that's what I saw," said McDermott. "There were some issues in there, some penetration. Some one-on-one situations where we didn't win our one-on-ones. So it's just going back and re-establishing that it is a one-on-one game in those situations and making sure we win those and we've got the right approach on those plays and that we execute at a higher level than we did this past week."

The Bills did convert a pair of 3rd-and-1s, one in the first quarter and one in the third quarter, both by Josh Allen. However, Frank Gore was stopped short of the line to gain on a 4th-and-1 in the third quarter and a 3rd-and-1 in the fourth quarter.

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