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Quote sheet | 5 postgame reactions from the Bills locker room


1. Building for the playoffs

The Bills have played three straight weeks against playoff teams. The team is only getting stronger as they head into the playoffs said Sean McDermott.

"Yeah, I mean listen, we're here to win – number one. Having said that, we've gone on the road and played in tough environments before. We've played four quality opponents, the last four weeks, in big games. And our players have put it on the line and that's all I can ask. And we have got to continue to learn from these experiences, as a young football team and continue to grow, so we get stronger and stronger. You know, in games like this, in particular as we move into the playoffs."

2. "We knew what we needed to do"

The Bills had a chance to tie or win the game in the final minutes. Josh Allen said the team knew what had to happen.

"We knew what we needed to do. We got the ball down there, we had some guys make some good plays, Cole [Beasley] made some really good plays for us. But when we get down on the eight-yard line, first-and-goal with how many ever minutes were left, we've got to find a way to punch it in there. And again, that goes on my shoulders and how we operate as an offense relies on the quarterback and I didn't do a good enough job there."

3. Dawkins would rather a win

The touchdown catch was nice but Dion Dawkins would prefer the win.

"I'm thankful for that score, but I would trade that score for a win every day. The touchdown was called in the playbook. Like I said I would rather have the win than the touchdown."

4. Lee Smith: We want to be back

Just like Baltimore, the Bills want to find themselves back in the Patriots visiting locker room after playing them.

"Hopefully we will be back in this locker room here in a few weeks, I don't know how the playoff picture looks or if even that is possibility but that would be fun. We will see. We just have to get back to work, which I know we will. We have great leadership and a great group of dudes. You are right there are no moral victories but at the same time unfortunately I have lost a lot of games in this league but losing on this team is a little bittersweet compared to my teams in the past just based off of how this year is going."

5. The mindset stays the same

The Bills goal stays as 1-0 every single week. Trent Murphy feels things will be the same heading into Week 17 and the playoffs.

"It is kind of that 1-0 mentality. I think if you look too far ahead and you look kind of behind its all bad news. You just have to go 1-0 and it will be the same for next week."