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Quote Sheet | Bills rely on togetherness and trust to get ninth win of the season

Head Coach Sean McDermott Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys, November 28, 2019 at AT&T Stadium. Photo by Bill Wippert
Head Coach Sean McDermott Buffalo Bills vs Dallas Cowboys, November 28, 2019 at AT&T Stadium. Photo by Bill Wippert

Sean McDermott is thankful for Buffalo

At 9-3 the Bills are off to their best start since 1996. Head coach Sean McDermott credits the hard work they've put in this season and wishes everyone in Buffalo a happy Thanksgiving.

"9-3. I understand where you're going. Wins are hard to come by, whether it's against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving or whomever. Wins in the NFL are hard to come by. I know the amount of hard work that has gone into this season by Brandon and his staff, and my staff and really, everyone back there in Buffalo. All of the support we get. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back there in Buffalo as well. It just is incredible. Incredible place to live. Incredible place to be a part of the Bills and what this city's about. It's just fun to be a part and watch it."

Cole Beasley playing 'til the wheels fall off

Cole Beasley repeated what he uttered earlier this week that he loves being a part of the Buffalo Bills and is excited to spend the rest of his career here.

"Man, there's a bond here that I don't think can happen in many places just with the way it's kind of set up. I can explain everything, but we're always together. It's a different kind of brotherhood here and we're always together. Our kids are together, the coaches, the players – everything. It's really a unique and awesome thing that we have here in Buffalo, and I know my family has loved every bit of it. That's part of why I said I'd play here until the wheels fall off."

Dion Dawkins has trust in McDermott

The Bills weren't supposed to be 9-3 and leading the Wild Card race. Dion Dawkins has a message to the doubters.

"You know, it's just from where we started years ago to now, nobody would've ever thought that we would have nine wins. We're here. That's just because guys are trusting what Coach (Sean McDermott) is preaching and guys are playing for each other and not for ourselves."

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Sack Lawson continues to make plays

Shaq Lawson feels like he's in college again after recording yet another sack this season.

"I got another one. I have to keep it going, man. I just have to keep it going. I am hot right now. I don't know what it is. My meditation is working. I mean, I don't know. I feel like the college me. Not a lot of thinking, I've just been going out there and playing the ball free. I've been doing that lately. I have to keep it going. I have four more weeks. Five. Six. Hopefully seven, eight. You feel me? Other guys put me in a position to make the plays. I just have to make them."

Josh Allen credits John Brown for touchdown

Josh Allen scrambled 19 yards for a touchdown helped by a key block from John 'Smoke' Brown.

"I mean I can't say enough about what 'Smoke' means to this team. And I know he didn't have a huge day catching the ball but making some crucial blocks down field. I mean the guy just goes to work. He doesn't care about stats or anything like that but just wants to win. That's exactly the type of thing that he does and brings to this team and it really inspires people. To have him this Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful for that."