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RB Dwayne Wright - Media Day

Bills Running Back Dwayne Wright
On playing time expectations this week

I have to pick up the flag and just carry it.  Marshawn (Lynch) went down of course and I was drafted here for that purpose.  To come in and give him a blow here and there and now it's my time so I am going to have to pound the defense and help Anthony (Thomas) out and help the team.  On being a hard hitting runner

That's what I'm going to do.  I want to break the defense down.  I want to tire out their key players and open up the hole for Marshawn.  He's the flashy guy and I'm the guy that's going to get down and dirty on the field.  Especially this week, it's going to be an opportunity to show aspects of my game.  On it looking doubtful that Lynch is going to play

I'm not sure.  I'm not positive, but I go into meeting rooms and prepare like I am going to start.  I don't know who's going to start but in this game, in this day and age, anybody can play a two-back system.  Like I said before Anthony Thomas taught me a lot so I'm just going to go on the field and be prepared to play.  On how much it hurts the team if Lynch is unable to play

Marshawn (Lynch) is a great player.  Everybody can see that.  He has a lot of determination when he plays on the field.  I'm just going to pick up the flag and show my part of what I can do.  I believe that I can step in and do the same things.  It's just going to be a different way to see the running game.  You had a flashy guy the week before and now you are going to have a guy that gets downhill and north and south.  I'm pretty sure New England, I don't know what their game plan is, but they've never seen me run.  It's just going to be a great time for me during practice to work on all my aspects.  On stepping in for a Sunday night game against New England

It's a great opportunity and it only happens once in a lifetime for a lot of guys.  I don't know who's going to start.  I'm just talking about being prepared.  When I do step in and play I'm pretty sure I'll be ready because I've played in a lot of big games in my career and faced a lot of adversity so this is nothing new to me.  On feeling good enough be a featured back in this league

Yes or I wouldn't have been drafted.  When you're in the league you don't think of that.  You're in the league and you need to work hard to get where the guy ahead of you is.  Marshawn was ahead of me and I always told him I was going to be on his back to push him to make him play better and I'm pretty sure the guy behind me is going to make me play better.  Now it's my opportunity.  Anthony Thomas obviously is in front of me, ahead of me, so I'm just going to have to push Anthony until my time comes.  On being drafted by the Bills after they had already drafted a running back

Every team in the league is running two back systems.  You are going to have your flashy guy and you're going to have your power guy and that's what wins games.  You have Lee Evans and Josh Reed and J.P. (Losman).  That's what wins games.  You need that type of dynamic duo on offense.  On having a "beast mode"

No beast mode for me.  I just play football.  I play the game, I love the game and I've been doing it for my whole life.  I've been playing running back since Pop Warner so it's nothing new to me. 


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