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RB Fred Jackson - 8/5


PM Practice – August 5, 2008


On running the ball in rainy conditions

This is the type of weather that we have to be ready to play in. You're not going to be able to throw deep bombs like you want to in weather like this. [Eric] Studesville does a great job with us having to protect the ball. It is something we definitely need work on and I don't mind doing it at all.


On his role being increased

Hopefully they can call on me whenever they need me. Whether it is in the running game or going out and running routes, I don't mind doing that at all. I actually like it. We have some plays where Marshawn [Lynch] and I will both be out there and we are excited about that. I think we will be able to make some plays doing that.


On if he likes running routes in the receiving game

It is a different way to get the ball. It's another opportunity for me to get the ball and to be in open space. Any time you get the ball in open space as a running back you are going to like it.


On the running backs being utilized as pass receivers

Turk [Schonert] thinks that there isn't a linebacker in the league that can cover either one of us in the open field. He thinks it is a way to get us out there and use our explosiveness, elusiveness, and our ability to break tackles and get out there and be creative and that is one of the things he wants to do this year.


On Trent Edwards' quick release not allowing the defender to be able to close gaps

It's a great advantage. The sooner we get the ball we can look out and see what is going on and decide what we want to do with the ball. The quick release he has is definitely a huge advantage for us.


On if he feels different about his situation at camp than in previous years

To a certain point I feel like I can just come out here and play football. Last year, I wanted to get out and make plays when I had the opportunity and I feel like I am going to get opportunities this year so I have to go out and take advantage of them. I know that I am going to get more opportunities this year and I want to take advantage of them.


On still having the "fight to make the team mode"

You can't relax in this league because nothing is promised. You have to come out and you have to prepare for when things happen. I don't want to jinx anybody but injuries happen and you have to be able to prepare and step into that starting role whenever you are needed. You can't relax. You have to come out and prepare like you are the number one guy. 

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