Record breaking year for Bills designated drivers


In 2013, approximately 7,000 Bills fans registered and pledged to be designated drivers.  This is more than double the number of registrants from 2011 and over 2,000 more fans registered than last year.

The Buffalo Bills continue to promote responsible fan behavior, including responsible drinking through the Designated Driver program.  The Bills have made a big commitment to the improvement of the fan experience, especially in the last two seasons.  The tailgating atmosphere in Orchard Park continues to include fans grilling their favorite eats, hanging out with their friends, kids and family members, and tossing the football around without issue.  The irresponsible behavior from the small minority of fans is becoming less prevalent with the introduction of more visible and proactive security teams and the addition of the Erie County Sheriff to the game day deployment.

The Bills thank the fans for their cooperation and help in identifying Fan Code of Conduct issues so that they may more efficiently address negative issues on game day.  Fans taking ownership of their own fan experience will further help us reduce and eliminate irresponsible behavior and irresponsible fans.  The Bills and responsible fans that care about their own experience and about their fellow fans, are making a positive difference with the culture of tailgating and fan behavior at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  In 2014, the Bills plan to implement video surveillance and undercover security to further improve the game day experience.  The Bills are very appreciative of responsible fans and thank everyone for their help in making The Ralph  safe, exciting and winning home we can all feel comfortable bringing our kids to.

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