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Reggie Corner Rookie Blog - Aug 20

Well training camp is winding down today and with my first NFL camp in the books I decided to outline some of the things that have impacted me the most in my time at St. John Fisher.

I would have to say my biggest lesson learned at cornerback, and it definitely helps, is every step you take counts. Every angle you take, you can't have any false steps at this level. If you're not consistent with your technique and approach the job is a lot harder.

As for the players that influenced me the most in camp I'd have to say Jabari Greer and George Wilson. Those guys come to practice every day and I'm feeding off those guys whether they know it or not. And it's not just those guys, but they're two good guys that show great character, great attitude and they always give great effort. They're two veterans I've definitely been following at this level.

In the slot I've also been helped a lot by Will James who has given me a lot of his time discussing inside play. There are so many names that I could go on for days. The whole veteran crew in the secondary has really been great.

Those guys are for real about wanting to be the best secondary in the NFL. Who doesn't want to be the best? So those are guys that I will continue to follow here.

The best moment in my first training camp was just being able to put on an NFL helmet. It's a blessing for me to even be out here. I'm very thankful for this opportunity I've been given and I'll never forget it.

My professional career is very short to this point, and I feel I still have a while to go before I have some big accomplishments, but I feel this camp has helped me make strides in my personal game. I feel I have improved and learned something each and every day that I can apply to my game.

Specifically, I feel I'm more patient on the field. I've got more confidence in my game and I'm more square in my backpedal. Those are just a couple of examples, but I feel I'm definitely improving as a whole.

Camp and the preseason are obviously to get you prepared for the season and for coaches to put you in situations to see what you're capable of doing. I will continue to show them my best through the rest of the preseason and in practice and hopefully when it's time to make decisions I will have shown them enough.

Until next time.

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