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Reggie Corner Rookie Blog - Aug 5

Over the weekend we were able to get a bit closer to the real thing out on the field as all of us younger players participated in three series of 'live' tackle football.

It felt pretty good to be a little more aggressive and play a little more. Being out on the edges the cornerbacks didn't have as much of a chance to hit on the run plays. Eventually I'm sure that corners will get a better opportunity to show more contact, but for a practice period I thought it went pretty good. The live plays will definitely help in terms of giving us a feel for what we're going to see eventually I believe.

Earlier in practice with Will James sidelined with an injury I had the opportunity to run with the first team nickel in the slot and it's definitely a good thing to go against the players that are considered the best wideouts that we have. So it was a good chance to step up my game and show the coaches that I can do this.

Practice is starting to slow down a little bit in terms of processing and reading things. We haven't played a game yet so I can't comment on that. I can't say how long it will take, but I know eventually things will slow down in the games too.

The 18 "live" plays we had were a good tune-up for some of what we might face in the first preseason game. As far as the first preseason game I'm definitely looking forward to facing someone in a different uniform and putting my pads on some people.

To relax here at camp I put on the I-Pod because you've got to have music. I like hip hop and put some R&B on there just to smooth the mind a little bit and relax.

But when you boil it all down its just football. If you've played this game since you were a kid it's something you love to do and have fun with and that's what I've been doing out here, having fun.

Once it's not fun then you have a situation on your hands. I feel a lot of plays are a byproduct of having fun on the field. When you're having fun you're out there relaxed and you're making plays.

Sure there are times I do get stressed, but I don't let the game bother me like that. You've got to know what you're here for and as long as I correct my mistakes I think I'll be alright.

You've got to be focused and disciplined. You're not in high school or college so you've really got to get in that playbook so you're comfortable and you don't have to think too much out there. It hasn't been a problem for me for the most part at this point.

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