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Reggie Corner Rookie Blog - Jul 26

Bills fourth-round pick Reggie Corner will be providing his thoughts and experiences during his first NFL training camp in his rookie blog. Corner will be adding updates a few times a week. Here is his first entry.

Getting settled
Arriving at the St. John Fisher campus earlier this week I was asking a lot of questions right away because I didn't know where the meeting room was and these first couple of days I made sure I was getting everywhere early. That way in case I got lost I'd have some extra time. The vets on the team have been pretty good about pointing you in the right direction though.

Right away you can tell there's a quicker pace here at camp to the spring workouts. Everything is rapid fire going over things in the classroom. Everything is fast. Even on the game plays they're not going to wait for you. Basically you have to be in your playbook so you don't fall behind. It's really fast.

I'm constantly writing down notes. I try to write everything down I can. I haven't gotten writer's cramp yet, but I imagine its coming.

Day one on the practice field was good. We pretty much stayed in a lot of base (formation) on day one (Thursday). We had more nickel plays today. In OTAs I was working on the outside and in the slot so I'm used to doing both. I'm at the point where I'm glad I've got a good grasp of it. I feel a lot more fluid playing nickel and at corner. OTAs were a big benefit for me.

Going against guys like Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed in the slot is great work. It's definitely a benefit to me. From what I've seen we've got a great receiving corps. If you can hang with those guys you're probably going to do pretty well in the games.

Catch up with you soon Bills Nation!

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