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Reggie Corner Rookie Blog - Jul 29

Bills fourth-round pick Reggie Corner will be providing his thoughts and experiences during his first NFL training camp in his rookie blog. Corner will be adding updates a few times a week. Here is his second entry.

My first INT
I got my first pick on Monday. Coach called a pretty good coverage at the time, I did what I supposed to do and got my steps and technique straight and just made a play on the route. I kept my leverage on the wideout, he stemmed me in and did a cross route and I burst in front of him to get it.

As a rookie you try to make as many plays as you can. I've been going mostly with the twos and threes and I've been in the nickel (slot) at times, so when I'm out there I'm trying to make the most of the opportunities I'm getting. Fortunately for me I was able to make a play.

Coach 'C' (Catavolos) is telling me to be polished out there on the field and stay consistent. As a player you can always work on something and get better. I'm expecting there to be more feedback as I get more practices under my belt. Coach 'C' and coach Fewell are both good coaches so I'm ready to take advice from either one of those two guys.

I feel I'm coming along good. It's extra study going back and forth between corner and nickel and you have to focus a lot harder. You have to know your responsibilities and you have to communicate. You can't be shy out there. You have to ask questions as a rookie, and I am, so it's coming along good in the slot and on the outside I think.

I know there are going to be a lot of firsts for me this year at this level, but I'm coming in confident. I have to take the mindset that I know I'm supposed to be here. Nobody deserves anything in life. Everything that comes is up to God. But at the same time know that you belong where you're at and it's not by mistake. So play with confidence is my approach.

I'll catch up with you soon.

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